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woman traveling

Seeking Discomfort

His goal, following the inspirational lead of The Yes Theory, was to have me seek discomfort by traveling short notice and alone to see my friend.
flowers and plants

I Talk to My Plants: Adventures of a Crazy Plant Lady

I talk to my plants. I actually do. When I plant them, I welcome them to the garden, and say things like "I hope you'll be very happy here!"

Field Trip Friday: SeaQuest

SeaQuest is a highly interactive experience full of opportunities to get up close with some fun animals. Touching and learning is encouraged!

Rochester MN Guide to Birthday Parties & Celebrations

Looking for businesses and resources to make your next birthday celebration special?  Look no further than our Rochester MN Guide to Birthday Parties & Celebrations!

Suit Up! FREE Swimming All Summer at #RochMN Pools

The Rochester MN City Council has voted to waive the price of admission at the two city-owned swimming pools during the summer of 2021: Silver Lake Pool and Soldiers Field Pool. This means Rochester families can enjoy FREE swimming all summer long!

Rochester MN Guide to Outdoor Music

There are so many great concerts and performances that you can find outside in Rochester MN this summer!

Beyond the Pool: Water We Doing Next?

Looking for new ways to get out on the water? We have you covered! These activities are for the whole family, and would also make a lovely date night.
World Refugee Day

“Mom, what’s a refugee?”

My child asked me about refugees. I looked to the library for help sharing with her what it means to be a refugee, and here are the best resources I found.
mom and child

The Seven Stages of Motherhood

I hope you find some comfort in the fact that, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in, there are millions of other moms out there in that same stage right along with you.
holding hands

“…who can’t imagine life without each other.”

But she had been a woman all along. I just didn’t realize it. She was still living as “he.” The human I married, I learned after five and a half years of marriage, is transgender (male to female). 
Sea Life at Mall of America

Field Trip Friday: SEA LIFE at Mall of America

I absolutely love taking my family to SEA LIFE at the Mall of America. Although the animals and order doesn’t change much, each experience is different.

Rochester MN Guide to Summer Swimming

Looking for a place to swim and cool off in the Rochester area this summer? We have you covered with our Guide to Summer swimming!

Rochester MN Area BIPOC Owned Businesses

This is a directory of Black and Minority owned businesses in the Rochester MN area.

Guide to Festivals in the Rochester MN Area

A round-up of the festivals, and celebrations in the Rochester MN area this summer! There is something nearly every weekend just a short drive away.



2021 Summer Camps

#Rochmn Events

Glow Night | Air Insanity
Air Insanity
6:00 pm
Drive – In Movies | History Center of Olmsted County
History Center of Olmsted County
8:00 pm


It’s a Snow Day! A Mom’s Guide to Activities

  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list...

8 Places to Burn Energy in Rochester MN

Rochester MN has so many great opportunities for indoor activities to help blow off some steam. Check out the list below of ways to help alleviate pent-up energy while making lasting memories with your family!

Rochester MN Guides + Resources