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give five

Give 5: Diversifying your Vocabulary

We've broken down some of the more common terms and phrases, and included links and resources to help diversify your vocabulary.
team sports

Game Over! Our Family’s Bittersweet Farewell to Team Sports

We may mourn the end of team sports, but we remain grateful for the life experiences that we all gained from it, as players and parents on the sidelines.
march events

Rochester MN Guide to March Events

So many March events to choose from as winter is winding down. Find your next family event using our helpful monthly event guide!

Rochester MN Guide to Coffee Shops & Drive-Thrus

Looking for a spot to pick up a cup of local joe?  Why not try out one of our many Rochester MN coffee shops! Bonus: we've listed all the drive-thrus!

I Didn’t Bounce

Those scars are the door through which 3 amazing people entered this world.  Yes, my recovery has been slow and my body did not "bounce" back.  
exhausted mom

Dear Husband, Don’t Touch Me

My day is a constant barrage of children sitting on my lap, begging to be carried, touching my face, and stepping on my toes. The concept of personal space is non-existent. So, needless to say, dear husband - sex is the last thing I want... in fact, don't touch me.

Raising Anti-Racists: Books to Encourage Open Conversation

One suggestion for parents in reading these amazing books to young children, is to read the Author’s Notes before launching into the book with your child. They are chock full of context and perspective that will help you in explaining things to your child as the stories unfold.
woman hopeful

My AF Life: 3 Years Without Alcohol

When I started on my alcohol-free (AF) journey, I completely immersed myself in all the information I could. I had to figure out who I was without alcohol.
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Never The Same: A Letter To My Sister Before The Birth Of Her...

Your life is about to change with this first baby. You are about to change even more. Little sister, you will never be the same person you once were.
Avalon Hotel historical picture

What’s the Story of That Building?- the Avalon Hotel

As the only hotel in Southeastern Minnesota to welcome Black people, it accommodated Black celebrity travelers as well. Duke Ellington and Henry Armstrong are just two of the celebrities who stayed at the Avalon.
distance learning

Learning and Growing With My Kindergartener, While Distance Learning

Distance learning started off well enough... that is, until it crashed and burned. My son would scowl at me with crossed arms and feet firmly planted while saying, "I'm not doing it!!"
vegetarian dining

11 Great Vegetarian Dining Options in Rochester MN

Check out our list of the 10 Best Vegetarian Dining options in Rochester. All of these restaurants are locally owned and operated!

Cheer on a Rochester MN Sports Team

Whether it's hockey, baseball, soccer, curling, football, roller derby or a visiting tournament Rochester MN is home to a competition that's right for you. The wide array of sport options is sure to provide pure, family-friendly entertainment for all ages.

9 (no food) Date Ideas In the Rochester MN Area

My husband and I don't go on many dates. However, when we do, we try to find unique activities that aren't the typical "dinner and a movie".



2021 Summer Camps

#Rochmn Events

Family Yoga
10:45 am
Allegro Dance
2:30 pm
Drive in Movie
9:00 am
Drive In Movie
9:00 am
Toddle Time | Air Insanity
Air Insanity
10:00 am


It’s a Snow Day! A Mom’s Guide to Activities

  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list...

8 Places to Burn Energy in Rochester MN

Rochester MN has so many great opportunities for indoor activities to help blow off some steam. Check out the list below of ways to help alleviate pent-up energy while making lasting memories with your family!

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