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Rochester MN Guide to MEA Weekend

Looking for things to do in Rochester MN over MEA Weekend? Our guide of activities and events has you covered all weekend long!

Pieces of Me: My Miscarriage Story

"The thing about miscarriages is that they're not uncommon. They're not taboo. And most importantly, they're not your fault. Or my fault. Or anyone's fault. But that doesn't really mean much to someone who's experienced one because ultimately, it's losing a piece of yourself."

To The Woman At The Orchard: Thank You

Thank you for reminding me, woman at the orchard, that community doesn't disappear just because we're in a pandemic.
skin care

My Mom Skin in a World of Insta-Perfection

I DO NOT have Insta-worthy, perfect, pore-less skin. But, let's be real - neither do most of the influencers! Even-so, here are a few lessons I have learned... from someone with mom skin to another.

Kids and Construction Workers Q+A – PART 2 | ♡ Heart of the City...

Last summer, we asked Rochester MN kids to ask the Heart of the City construction workers their hardest questions! That video was so fun to make and we knew there were a LOT more questions to be answered, so we made a PART 2!

Field Trip Friday: Excelsior Minnesota and Tonkadale

Excelsior, Minnesota is a darling waterfront town nestled into the southern shores of Lake Minnetonka. The history of this small town is fascinating and adds to the charm of its unique shops, dining, and attractions. A bonus to this day trip is a stop at the magical Tonkadale Greenhouse.

Bluestem Center for Autism: Holistic Support for RochMN Families

At Bluestem Center for Autism, we aim to support as many families and learners as possible, from initial diagnosis through high school graduation. We believe in providing holistic, individualized treatment for everyone, and offer a range of different options to suit your family’s needs.

Fire Prevention & Safety Checklist Printable

An important way to protect your home and family in case of a fire is to prepare and practice.  In case the unthinkable happens, you'll be prepared if there is a fire in your home.  Print out the checklist below to ensure that your family and home are as safe as possible.

Practice, Prepare & Prevent :: Fire Safety in Your Home

The nightmare you never want to become a reality… a fire in your home. While you may think it’s not going to happen to you, why not be as prepared as possible for any fire safety situation?
Lee Frazier

Meet the Contributor: Lee Frazier

I’m Lee and I’m delighted to share a little about myself. I am relatively new to Rochester. My son and I joined the community 26 months ago.
october events

Rochester MN Guide to October Events

Check out all the October events in the Rochester, MN area! So much to do with you kids and family as we celebrate this much loved season!

Rochester MN Guide to Coffee Shops & Drive-Thrus

Looking for a spot to pick up a cup of local joe?  Why not try out one of our many Rochester MN coffee shops! Bonus: we've listed all the drive-thrus!
Medora, ND

Our 10-Day Camper Trip, Part 3: Medora, ND

Before planning our next stop in our 10 Day Camper trip, I barely knew about this place. But it was well worth the visit! Medora, ND has it all, even its own National Park!

Halloween Events & Trunk or Treats

In Rochester, we have spooky fun for all ages! Check out our guide to Halloween Events and Trunk or Treats!



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Day Trips

Field Trip Friday: Pine Island

A stone's throw from Rochester, just 15 miles north on Highway 52, Pine Island is a quiet town with plenty of activities for the adventurer!

Field Trip Friday: Zumbrota

Pockets of culture and distinct spaces can be found in small communities scattered throughout Minnesota. Zumbrota is one of those treasured places. Located about 20-25 minutes north of Rochester on Highway 52, it is just a short drive away.

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