Farmers Market Finds (FREE Printable!)


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I love living in a place that has four distinct seasons.  In the fall, we get the crackling leaves; in the winter, the fluffy snowflakes.  But everybody knows that spring and summer is when Minnesota really struts her stuff.  And where better to find evidence of the changing seasons than at your local farmer’s market?

Going to the farmer’s market weekly (or biweekly in the winter months) has become a family tradition for us.  Together with the help of Kelly, a talented designer, I’ve come up with a free family activity.   Did I say FREE?!  (Just don’t blame me if your kids sucker a homemade donut or iced coffee out of you…It happens.  It’s just one of the safety hazards of parenting.)  Just like last time, we’ve got a fun printable to help you and your kids have a little extra fun while you’re out enjoying the summer produce.

Click here to download your free printable.


Farmers Market Find

1. A bouquet of flowers.
Farmers Market Finds | Rochester MN Moms Blog
2. A pickup truck.

3. Berries.

4. A loaf of bread.

5. A person carrying a big bag.

6. A musician.

7. Salad greens.

8. Honey.

9. Something that tastes sour.

10. Jelly or jam in a jar.

Farmers Market Finds | Rochester MN Moms Blog
11. Something red.

Farmers Market Finds | Rochester MN Moms Blog
12. Handmade soap.

13. Doughnuts or cookies.

14. Say “Hello!” to a farmer.

Farmers Market Finds | Rochester MN Moms Blog

15. A bike.

16. Find one vegetable you don’t recognize.

17. A person who sells meat.

18. A mom pushing a stroller.

19. Something green.

20. Something hot to eat.



I hope you have as much fun with your kids at the market as we do!  Happy marketing!

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