Field Trip Friday: Blue Earth


On our way to our trip out West last year, we ended up going to Blue Earth, MN to see the Green Giant! I have very fond memories of the Green Giant commercials on tv. And before anyone else says anything, yes yes, we had colour TV in my young years! I say this with a smile as my 8-year-old keeps asking me, “Are you sure it wasn’t black and white Maman?”

So, as I was saying, we went here finally, and it was neat. Of course, because of Covid, we did not get to see as much, but it was a quick introduction trip. We enjoyed it, and plan on going back to it this summer.

The small town of Blue Earth has so much to show off, and has so much more to offer than just the Giant! Great trails, and many family-friendly activities, all less than 2 hours away from Rochester. There is a nice woodsy place called Steinberg Nature Park that reminds me of Quarry Hill. I’ve been recommended to try to eat at the Cedar Inn Drive-In.

But since our stop in Blue Earth was centered on seeing the Jolly Green Giant, here is a bit of information, courtesy of MNopedia:

  • Did you know that the statue of the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth is the largest in existence? It has been around since 1979, weighs 8,000 pounds, is 55 feet tall, and wears a size 78 shoe.
  • 1961
    The first Green Giant television advertisement airs. The Green Giant Company begins marketing frozen vegetables.
  • 1973
    To appeal to kids, Little Sprout is added as a companion to the Jolly Green Giant in advertisements.  I vaguely remember seeing him in my younger years…
  • 1979
    The Green Giant Company merges with Pillsbury.
  • 2001
    Pillsbury is bought by General Mills and becomes a division of the larger company under the Green Giant brand name.
  • Right across from the Green Giant statue, you can find the largest collection of Green Giant memorabilia in the world at the Green Giant Museum.

I love checking out the Welcome Centers when I do a day trip, as they know a lot of things you may not want to miss out on. For example (we did not do this, but will before the end of the summer!): you can go on a scavenger hunt to find all the Little Sprouts around Blue Earth. There are 20 statues that have been placed throughout the city.

Every year, in July, there is a 2-day celebration called Giant Days, celebrating the agricultural heritage and community of Blue Earth. Sounds like fun!

Have you been to Blue Earth? What was your favorite discovery?

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