Olmsted County Fair Scavenger Hunt {+ Free Printable!}


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My love affair with the county fair started at a young age.  I spent my childhood years as a 4-Her exhibiting livestock at the Goodhue County Fair, the early years of my career as a 4-H Program Coordinator, and I even met my husband at the county fair.  I love the sights, sounds, smells, and the tastes that all signal it is fair week!

For our family, attending county fairs throughout Minnesota is a great way to spend summer weekends.  We love it so much in fact, that we’ve attended 41 of Minnesota’s 95 county fairs.  Every fair has it’s unique features, but there are some things you will find no matter which county fair you attend.

As your family explores a county fair this summer, I hope you’ll keep your eyes out for these things! To keep track, use the free scavenger hunt printable below!


1. Mini Donuts: There are some foods that you wait all year until the fair to eat.  Mini Donuts are that food for me!

2. Cotton Candy

3. Corn Dog

4. Rooster: Head to the Poultry Barn to find the chickens.  Roosters can be so showy with their bright colors and long feathers.  Try and find the biggest one!

5. Baby Pig

6. Baby Chick

7. Horse

8. Talk with a farmer:  Head to the barns and you won’t have to look long to find a farmer who is happy to share more with you about their farming operation and modern farming practices.

9. Milk a Cow

10. Pet a Sheep

11. Talk with a 4-Her: 4-H Youth are happy to share more about their projects with you!  You will find 4-Hers in the barns, in the 4-H Building, and at the Burger Barn 4-H Foodstand.

12. Tractor

13. 4-H Clover: Minnesota 4-H members are in grades K- one year past high school and participate in activities ranging from building robotics to showing livestock.

14. Purple Ribbon

15. 4-H Lego Project

16. Merry Go Round: Head to the carnival to find this ride which appears at most county fairs.

17. Pick A Duck Game

18. Tupperware Lady: Commercial exhibits help fair goers learn about all the products and services available in their community.

19. Culligan Water

20. Corn Cob Water Tower: This item is unique to the Olmsted County Fair, but once you see it, you know you’re at the fair!

scavenger hunt, olmsted county fair, free fair, mini donutsOlmsted County Fair Scavenger Hunt | Rochester MN Moms Blog


{Thanks to our contributor Kelly Hicks for creating the cute and creative printable!}


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Agriculture has been intertwined in Mamie Luhmann’s life since birth, as she was raised on a dairy farm, and was a member of both the 4-H and FFA Programs. She went to college at UWRF and earned a degree in Agricultural Education. After a semester as a high school agriculture teacher, she took a job with the UMN Extension as a 4-H Program Coordinator, and completed a Masters Degree. She met her husband Paul at the County Fair. Together they moved on to a small farm and started raising chickens, sheep, and their 2 daughters, Clara (5) and Hazel (2). Mamie is an “agvocate” and loves to teach others about agriculture and farming. Her daily adventures include collecting dozens of eggs, cleaning straw out of her washing machine, using her hair dryer to warm baby lambs, and raising 2 little girls to love livestock and farming as much as she does. When she isn’t getting her hands dirty on the farm, she’s busy with her career as a Training and Development Liaison at the Mayo Clinic. Mamie contributes to the AgStar Women in Ag Blog and also pens her own blog at Blessings Abound.