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rochester mn christmas lights

**Last updated 12/1/2021

A beloved holiday tradition is to bundle the entire family into the car, pack some snacks and hot chocolate, and drive around to look at Christmas lights.  This year, it seems that so many people wanted to bring the Christmas cheer after a tough year that the light displays are bigger and brighter than ever!

Earlier in November, we asked for submissions for light displays and were completely overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you for helping us build this guide!

All of the displays below have been submitted by readers, community members, or displays we have seen ourselves. This list is always subject to change.  We do apologize in advance if a light display is not on or has changed throughout the season.

Here’s how to use our guide:

  • We color coded the areas of town for convenience and ease when driving around.
  • We also took into consideration how close the displays were to each other when we typed out the addresses.
  • The entire map is posted below.
  • You are able to filter the areas you’d like to visit by clicking the layers on the left hand side of the map (on desktop) and clicking “view map legend” on mobile.


NW: Red

NE: Purple

SE: Blue

SW: Green

Highlights: Yellow

Have a display or an update to add to our list?  Please fill out the form below!  **Displays listed are subject to change but are as accurate as possible.**

We will update this list all season long and leave the date we last updated here! **LAST UPDATED: 12/1/2021**

Have fun!! Also, don’t forget to print the Holiday Bucket List off here!

Northwest Rochester

  • Chippewa Drive NW and Itasca Ct NW (The Enchanted Forest!)
  • 6375 Granite Dr NW
  • Knotting Hill Lane NW
  • Hillsboro Drive NW (the Grinch!)
  • 54th Ave NW
  • 51st Street NW
  • 3415 Arbor Drive NW
  • 5603 23rd Ave NW
  • 3915 46th Ave NW
  • 1627 46th Street NW
  • 2021 44th Street NW
  • 1500 38th Street NW
  • 35th Street NW (cul de sac)
  • 1143 Knoll Ct NW
  • Elton Hills Court NW
  • 28th Street NW between 30th Street NW and 9th Ave NW
  • 2551 13th Ave NW (two for one at this house!)
  • Oak Knoll Lane NW
  • 2012 Valkyrie Dr NW
  • Westwood Court NW
  • 19th Street NW and Viking Drive NW
  • 827 10th Street NW
  • 23 9th St NW
  • 2209 22nd St NW
  • 3805 7th St NW
  • Manor Drive NW
  • Manor Woods Drive NW
  • 4414 6th St NW
  • 328 36th Ave NW
  • 154 Interlachen Ln NW
  • 176 Westchester Dr NW
  • 4822 3rd St NW

Northeast Rochester

  • 1413 4th St NE (lights at the house go to music!)
  • 724 12th Avenue NE
  • 1108 12th Avenue NE
  • 1854 Kerry Drive NE
  • 2711 Osjor Ct NE
  • 1434 13th Ave NE
  • 1828 Wilshire Dr NE
  • 1664 Wilshire Dr NE
  • 915 Sierra Lane NE (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation themed!)
  • 604 23rd Street NE
  • Northern Heights neighborhood
  • Northern Heights Drive NE just off of Broadway
  • Rocky Creek Lane NE

Southeast Rochester

  • 435 12th Ave SE (visit Santa’s Workshop and meet the man himself!)
  • 420 10th St SE
  • 1034 6TH AVE SE
  • 720 15th St SE
  • 215 18th ST SE (Rudolph theme and lights synced to music!)
  • Spruce Meadows Dr SE
  • 814 25th Street SE (all homemade light displays!)
  • 24th Street SE
  • 4029 Countrywood Drive SE
  • 4511 Sandywood CT SE (Lights synced to music, tune to FM 95.9 on radio)
  • 1430 Fairlane Ct SE
  • 1227 50th ave SE
  • 820 50th Avenue SE
  • 307 Brookestone Dr SE

Southwest Rochester

  • Plummer Building SW
  • Annenberg Plaza NW (between Mayo and Plummer Buildings)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Nativity Scene
  • 6th Street SW (Christmas Dinosaur!)
  • 621 10th Street
  • Pill Hill Neighborhood SW
  • Solider’s Field/Old SW Neighborhood SW
  • 621 10th Street
  • 28 Conner Cir SW
  • Wimbledon Hills Drive SW
  • Eagle Lane SW
  • 4147 8th St SW
  • 604 23rd Ave SW
  • Hill Place Southwest
  • Younge Park Neighborhood SW
  • Fox Knoll Drive SW
  • 960 Fox Knoll Dr SW
  • Lad Lane SW
  • 2201 Baihly Heights Dr SW
  • Autumn Ridge Road SW
  • Autumn Lake Ct SW
  • Wright Road SW
  • 1735 Juniper Ln SW
  • 2251 Galileo Place SW
  • Scenic Oaks Neighborhood
  • South Pointe Ct Neighborhood

Byron (Worth the Drive!)

  • Sommerby Golf Club, 975 Somerby Parkway NE, Byron MN 55920 (Huge tree covered with thousands of white twinkle lights!)
  • 705 9th Ave NW, Byron, MN 55920 (Lights up about 5 pm and runs until 10 pm during week and 11 pm weekends. Turn car radio to 88.1 fm listen to music choreographed to lights. About 12 minute show!)

Looking for even more festive fun? Check out our Rochester MN Holiday Guide!

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  1. I love this list! However- Chippewa drive nw, the enchanted forest, is private property and not lit up at all. At least this was our experience tonight.

    • We were just there tonight! Chippewa Drive NW at Itasca Ct NW. All lit up beautifully with lots of cars there to see the display. The street ends in a cul-de-sac (Itasca Ct NW). Maybe they turn them off at a certain point? Check out Instagram stories for more! I’m sorry this wasn’t your experience!

  2. Thanks for the great list! We followed your suggestion, got hot chocolate at Moka, and had a wonderful time looking at lights. Being new to the area, we really appreciate the tips!


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