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This post last updated January 2, 2021

The Park and Recreation Department maintains outdoor hockey and public skating rinks and warming sheds throughout the City.  All Rochester MN Outdoor Rinks are now open for the 2020-2021 season!

Our Good ol’ Minnesota winter is in full force!  There is snow on the ground, and the sub-zero temps have arrived with their frosty vengeance!  For some, this means snuggling in and hibernating with an endless supply of toasty beverages.  For others, it means bundling up and enjoying what a true Minnesota winter has to offer!

Some may hit the slopes with skis or boards in hand, others may take to the lakes to catch the next foolish fish.  I myself prefer to take a nice hike through the woods – and still, others like to lace up the skates and hit the rinks!  Where can you find the best rinks?  That’s what we’re about to find out!  Fortunately for those of us in Rochester, there are many to choose from.  Some have warming houses, others have lights to skate by at night, and others are great for hockey players looking for a pick up game!

Outdoor Rinks

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, there will be no warming houses at any outdoor rink locations this year. 

Current rink information can be found on the City of Rochester maintained Outdoor Rinks Page.

**There is one studio rink location, where hockey is NOT allowed.**

Southern Woods Park: 4982 11th Avenue SW (Lights)

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 **Hockey is allowed at the following outdoor rinks.**

Allendale Park: 3000 18 Avenue NW (Lights)
Rink Size: 80’x160′

Manor Park: 4238 Manor Park Drive NW (Lights)
Rink Size: 70’x160′

Lincolnshire Park: 5276 Members Parkway NW (Lights)
Rink Size: 80’x160′

Viking Park: 2nd Avenue NW & 26th Street NW (Lights)
Rink Size: 80’x160′

Northern Heights Park: 900 22 Street NE (Lights)
Rink Size: 80’x160′

Withers Sports Complex (2 rinks): 2021 Mayowood Road SW (Lights)
Rink Sizes: 80’x200′ & 60’x150′

Soldiers Field Park (2 rinks): 244 East Soldiers Field Drive SW (Lights)
Rink Sizes: 80’x200′

Bear Creek Park: 1237 Marion Road SE (NO Lights)
Rink Sizes: 70’x160′

These rinks are great for broomball too!

Ice Skating at the Oval

Continuing on the success of the last few years…you can now skate around the running track at Soldiers Field Park.

Indoor Rinks

Fair weather fan?  Want to enjoy outdoor sports from the comfort of indoors?  Rochester’s indoor ice arenas are the perfect place to lace up and avoid the windy outdoor temps!  The Rochester Rec Center has two rinks that offer open skating times. (Please check before going due to COVID-19 restrictions and closures).

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Are you looking for equipment?  Maybe you’re not suited up for ice skating yet? Ama la Vita (formerly Blades to Ballet) SCHEELS, and Sports Headquarters are three great places to find skates locally (and skate sharpening too)! We also suggest checking the Facebook Marketplace for used skates.


Rochester Figure Skating Club offers Learn2Skate and Learn2Skate for Hockey classes, geared toward sharing the fun and fundamentals of skating. Classes are available for for all ages (preschoolers through adult) and skill levels (beginners through advanced). Lessons take place year round inside the Recreation Center.

Olmsted Medical Center’s Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance Program offers Hockey Ultimate Training (HUT). The focus is on proper hockey techniques to be more efficient, creating less stress on the body, and lowering risk of injury, while improving the fundamentals of hockey. The also offer a learn to skate program (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED in WINTER 2021) .

Wherever you go, try to take a moment to enjoy nature’s beauty.  We’re pretty fortunate to have such dramatic four seasons in Minnesota; hopefully you can make some memories on the skating rinks to talk about in front of your fireplaces!

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