Into the Unknown: A Frozen 2 Movie Review


small figurine of OlafI must admit, I am a full-fledged Disney fan. I love everything Disney (maybe not Old Yeller, but I digress). My daughter loves everything Frozen and since we missed the whole first Frozen go around in 2013, we are now hitting it hard with Frozen 2. Here is my review on the new movie, Frozen 2.


The movie picks up shortly after the last movie left, with the whole family living happily in Arendelle. That is until Elsa hears the voice of a siren calling to her and only she can hear it. She worries and is wearing her mother’s scarf which brings her comfort (this is very important later on). The audience is taken into a flashback and learns of a song that Anna and Elsa’s mother would sing to them, as well as the story of the enchanted forest. Elsa hears the voice and we are brought “Into the Unknown.” The song is quite beautiful and leads us into the main theme of the movie: find what Elsa’s true destiny is meant to be.

A shake-up happens to Arendelle that focuses on the four spirits in the enchanted forest: fire, Earth, wind, and fire. With the village people deserted into the mountains, Elsa knows she must go to the enchanted forest to find out how to make the spirits happy. Here comes the road trip with Elsa, Anna, Kristof, Olaf, and Sven!!

Between Olaf’s facts about water and Anna’s questioning about her love life with Kristof, we finally get to the enchanted forest. In the forest, we learn of the Northuldra people who are at war with the Arendellean Army and have been stuck inside the enchanted forest for 30 years! After Olaf’s hilarious recap of the first Frozen, the audience is taken on a journey through the enchanted forest as Elsa, Anna, Kristof, and Olaf each learn what their destinies are.

I will leave it there so I don’t spoil the ending 🙂

Overall Review

The movie is great and has a decent plot. I really do enjoy how Disney focuses on how sometimes we must venture into the unknown to find out who we are truly meant to be. Sometimes we must go with what we feel in our gut and figure it out.

Frozen 2 overall is pretty tame, with only one scary part with the Earth giants. I would compare them to Marshmallow (the big snowman at the Ice Castle) from the first Frozen.

The music is epic. “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel and Aurora is catchy but not as catchy as “Let It Go” (parents rejoice). Anna has a moving, tearjerking song “The Next Right Thing” about loss and how to move on. Kristof finally has a song! He belts out “Lost in the Woods” and as Heather Walsh describes it, it brings parents back to a 1980’s love ballad music video.

I highly recommend this movie. Not just because I am typing this while wearing my Olaf leggings, but because it truly does show how it is okay to break the mold and find out what your true destiny is.

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