Dear Teachers, From a Homeschool Mom


schoolDear Teachers,

You are heroes. You have always been heroes, but especially now…you are super heroes. Like health care professionals and emergency responders keep the world turning for us regular people, so do you. Teaching is certainly no joke, and that’s just on an average day. Today is not an average day though, is it?

A few years ago I made the decision to homeschool my kids. It is a lifestyle choice that my family made on several very personal factors. We have always said that we will take one year at a time and always do what we think is best for our kids. That being said, I have a huge appreciation for you public/private/charter school teachers!  Know that you, the teachers, were never part of our reason to homeschool. You are what make our schools great.

It’s more than enough for me to manage the education of my own kids, yet you manage entire classrooms! There are dozens of kids on your heart every year. That is a unique weight I do not bear. I want you to know that our decision to homeschool had nothing to do with you. You are the front liners of education today for most of America. You are in a career that is directly investing in future generations. I can homeschool my own kids, but I can’t do what you do. For that, I thank you.

Given the unique and remarkable times we are living in, you are being asked to accomplish more than you ever anticipated. Some of you are having to figure out how to teach your students without them being in the classroom. You are facing tasks that no one has ever had to face before. You are at the mercy of your district’s resources and advisements. You might be dealing with some panicky or stressed out parents too (understandably!). Not to mention the coming weeks and months are so unknown. If you’re a teacher, you typically thrive on plans and organization, and right now that’s lacking in your world, which makes it extra hard.

Know that I appreciate you. I know that your profession is often undervalued, and that’s probably unintentional. I know what it feels like to be underappreciated by my own kids, but you invest in a multitude of students and yet you show up with sacrificial love and support every day. What you do is amazing! I sincerely hope for the best for you and the kids you love to teach. And I truly do believe, that if anyone can handle these uncertain times and changes, it’s a teacher. You can do this.

I remember when I was a student and I was in school the day that the World Trade Centers fell because of terrorist attacks. That was a historical moment. I remember those teachers. I remember the things they told me. I remember their commitment to learning; not just the academics, but to character. What goes on in our world matters, and you are leading an entire generation who is looking at you for how to respond and act when a crisis hits. This is no small thing and you are doing a fantastic job. This is our historical moment.

THANK YOU. You may not be teaching my kids, but the kids you have are just as valuable. Thank you for what you are doing for them during these difficult times. You are sticking it out for the greater good and that is immensely commendable. Thank you for caring greatly about the education and future of kids today. Keep up the amazing work.

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Jessica lives in Plainview with her husband and 3 kids. They moved there from Louisville, KY when her husband got a pastorate job. Before that she lived in the Twin Cities where she was born and raised. Since having her first baby in 2012 she's been a stay-at-home mom and is now busy homeschooling! To balance out her busy at-home mom life she tries to find creative outlets, some of which have included furniture painting/restoration and creative writing. She survives on coffee and chocolate and has a big wanderlust. You can get to know her more, and read about the debut novel she is working on over on her personal blog or by following her on Instagram.