Rochester MN Guide to Back-To-School


2020 Editor’s Note: We recognize that not everything on this list will pertain to the 2020-2021 school year.  However, some of the information is still helpful.  We support you in this upcoming school year, no matter how it might look.

The time is here. We are sending our kiddos big and small back to the classroom. Even though the warm summer days will always be carefree and refreshing there is something so sweet about shopping for school supplies, packing up the backpacks and lunch boxes,  and lacing up those new tennis shoes. We’ve compiled all of the need to know information and must read resources to help you and your family start this school year off on the right foot! Here’s to another year of growth, adventure and hard work!

Rochester MN Guide to K-12 Education

We are fortunate in Rochester to have so many wonderful options for our children. From Charter schools to Choice schools. Private school to Public school. Use this guide to make informed educational decisions that best suit your kiddos.

Guide to Early Education

The Pre-K years are so special! We hope this guide is useful in conveying the options that are available to your family’s needs.

Why We Love Year Round School

Read one Rochester mom’s favorite things about 45/15 school year schedule (year round school) for a glimpse at just one of the great school options we have here in Rochester.

Oh, Your Kids Go to THAT School? –  Montessori Misperceptions

Check out one mom’s experience with the Rochester Montessori School. She shares how the school has greatly impacted her son.

Best Buys for School Supplies

First things first…get the school supplies! Most of us have completed this task by now but there is often that one forgotten item. Double check your lists!

Grocery Shopping with Kids: Survival Guide

When you send your big kids off to school errands can be tough on the little ones. Their entertainment is gone, their buddies are busy. Check out this hand dandy survival guide for all the expert tips!

Rochester MN Consultant Run Business Guide

Whether you need to stock up on oils before cold and flu season, or you’re in need of some new eye cream to take care of your under eye circles, or you just want a new shade of lip stick to celebrate the kids going back to school  fall season we’ve got you covered with our list of local consultants.

Real Life Rachael Ray: Food Prep Made Easy

We all know Rachael Ray can whip up a meal in 30 minutes or less…so why not follow her lead and make our weekday evenings run smooth.

The Art of the Swap: Freezer Meals

Having a few meals stashed away for a busy week can be such a life saver! Especially during the busy school year. However, the amount of work that goes into stocking the freezer can be daunting. Enter the swap. It’s fun. It’s helpful. And it’s simple.

Leftover Makeovers You’ll Love

If leftovers are often featured in your home it might be fun to get creative! You’re already an expert at planning, prepping and multitasking so why not make your leftover nights fun too!

Where Did All the Milk Go?

It seems every year they just keep growing…and so do their appetites! Note to self: always get milk, and bananas, and eggs, and bread.

Total Profanity: “Mom, What’s for Supper?”

Meal planning can really save a day! Check out these tips to get going and don’t panic when your kids ask what’s for dinner!

True Life: I Hate Cooking

Once the school routine begins evening can get a bit hairy and preparing meals for our families can get a bit dull. If you find yourself hating cooking try some of these ideas to get you through.

Instant Pot = Instant Happiness

Cooking made easy, simple and quick! ‘Nuff said.

Three Day Salad: Fresh and Healthy for Busy Moms

This tasty salad is packed with nutrition and flavor, but the best part…it’s as flavorful and fresh on day three as it did on day one! Perfect for a busy family!

Healthy School Lunches

If you are a mom who packs lunches for your kids every. single. day. you will enjoy these tips on creating healthy lunches…that are easy to stick with!

How to Have a Stress Free School Morning

Sign us up! As we all know school mornings can get craz! Having a healthy breakfast prepared ahead of time can make all the difference!

Why Our Family is Over School Lunches

Ultimately our kids have to choose what they will eat, but we can offer them a healthy variety to help fuel their bodies and minds. Keeping it simple is key!

For more Rochester MN Moms Blog recipes click here.

20 School Day Questions Better Than “How Was Your Day?”

Use the printable in this post to cut out and place all of the schoolday questions in a jar.  Have your children pick questions out each day for a fun activity!

Home Alone: Now What?

Are you facing an empty house during the school days? It’s amazing all the things we’ll get done when our kiddos are in school…but we’ll miss them too!

How Homeschooling Changed My Life

The homeschool journey allows parents to take control of modling and shaping their children’s education. Here one mom shares how choosing homeschool for her family has also shaped her!

How to Take A+ Back to School Photos

Don’t we all just love a sweet back to school photo?! Use these tips as your guide for getting a picture that will be treasured for years to come.

Back to School: When Firsts and Lasts Collide

Grab some tissues mamas. School is starting and we are celebrating growth, development and change.

Take Five: Evaluating YOUR Out of Control Crazy Life

Phew! Motherhood is a 24/7 job and can cause us to end up with a bit of a crazy schedule. Try these specific questions to evaluate what things are important and necessary to you.

Learning to Live Beyond Survival Mode

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the back to school schedule? Try some of these helpful ideas to get back into the groove.

When Your Child is No Longer a Child (And Goes Away to College…Without You)

Launching those kids adults out into the big world is a tough thing for parents. How do we prepare them? How do we not worry 24/7?

A Working Mom’s 5 Tips for Getting Out the Door in the Morning

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. Some mornings are just hard. Even so there are a few little things that you can do to get up and get going on the right foot!

Ace Your Special Appearance as a Guest Reader at School

“My job as a school librarian means that I read aloud every day, so I have some tips from my experience on how to have a great guest reader visit.”

Guide to Local Coffee Shops

We’ll just leave this helpful resource right here for you, because who doesn’t need a good dose of caffeine the first week of school!

Guide to Ice Cream

Ice cream is just the perfect way to celebrate everyone surviving the first week back to school.


How to Keep Your Sanity and Handle School behavior Problems

Having a kid who struggles with behavior while at school can be a tough thing…for everyone. Read one mom’s thoughts on how to navigate teacher relationships and difficult behavior all while enjoying her child.

Back to School Tips From a School Counselor

What are the most important factors in our child’s education? Grades? Social activities? Extracurricular activities? While these things are important and valuable they aren’t necessarily what define our kids and who they will become. Check out these tips from a local high school counselor (and mom).

Remember Your Preschooler’s Show-N-Tell or You Might End Up With a Frog

With all of the special days, celebrations and occasions that happen during the school year we’re all bound to forget something…let’s just hope it doesn’t end with a new pet!

High School is for Big Kids: Being True to Yourself

Sending our babies out into the world can be a scary thing for them…and us. Even so there are special, important things we can send them with. And really watching them grow into their own unique self is one of the best gifts of parenting.


Back to School Printable

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