We Appreciate YOU! A Thank You to Teachers and Childcare Providers


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*Originally published May 2020*

Leave it to a worldwide pandemic to make me appreciate the things I should be thankful for already…like my daycare provider. I mean, I’ve always been thankful for her. However, after having to share my personal space with a three-year-old while trying to work from home, I have a whole new level of gratitude. I’d like to think that I’m a decent multi-tasker, but I know that I’m at my best when I have only one thing to focus on at a time. With that being said, I am proud to say I have managed to get work done while my toddler is simultaneously bouncing on the back of my chair. And just so you have a visual, that “chair” was an exercise ball. My son’s daycare has remained open and we’ve felt comfortable bringing him, so we’ve only had to do the “work-from-home-while-wrangling-a-toddler” struggle for a couple of days, but those days make me extra-grateful for her.

If I could say a few things to my son’s daycare provider, I’d say….

Thank you for smiling when we walk through the door each morning. Thanks for being patient and understanding while he learns right from wrong. Thank you for raising him to be a polite young man. Thank you for loving him. I don’t know what we’d do without you.

I imagine I’d have similar things to say to my son’s teachers and educators if he were in school right now. Rochester Mom asked our readers what encouraging things they would say to their child’s teachers and childcare providers. Here are their responses:

“We couldn’t get through this without you!” –Megan

“Thank you for re-imagining learning, giving your all to your students from a distance, and providing support to the parents! You are doing a great job everyday!” –Allison

“I respected you before but now I really applaud you and appreciate all that you do.” –Lucy

“The relationship you have built with my kiddo is the most important thing right now! Thank you for loving on them!” –Janine

“Thank you for being amazing and caring so much about our babies! You are doing an incredible job of helping our kids learn during this unprecedented time. I don’t know how you do what you do so calmly with 15 times more kids than I have and keep going back to work! You are a special and gifted people.” – Stephanie

“Thank you! You are doing a great job for your students!” –Cheryl

“Praying this pandemic brings more positive understanding and good health practices back to your classrooms in the future!” –Heather

“Thank you a million times! You matter!” –Gina

“You are doing amazing! Thank you for all the hard work you have done organizing all the distance learning content every day!” – Sarah

“Thank you for loving on my boys as if they are your own, for building them up and encouraging them to be respectful and strong young men, and for creating ways for us to continue learning at home. You all have been amazing! I am so grateful.” –Crystal

“Thank you for doing a job you didn’t sign up to do.” –Susan

“You are our heroes right now and we appreciate you so much!” –Heather

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher and inspiring me to become a teacher.” –Heather

“Hang in there! You are appreciated for your flexibility and hard work.” –Jim and Linda

We can’t forget about the kids! They’re going through so much right now too. Here’s what some of Rochester Mom’s contributor’s children had to say about their teachers:

“I loved being in your class and I really miss you! My teacher is so nice and kind and makes school so fun.” – Gavin, age 9

“I don’t miss school except for my cool teacher and my classmates.” –Eliot, almost not really 8

“Me go Jamie’s house! Play wif friends!” – Levi, age 2

“I miss being in school. I like the specials (art, music, media, P.E.), and recess. My teacher is really nice and teaches us math and handwriting and stuff. And she loves Disney.” – Caleb, age 5

“I like hugging my friends at daycare.” –Kyus, age 3.5

With this week being Teacher and Childcare Provider Appreciation Week, we just wanted to say again how much we appreciate our teachers and childcare workers. Check out some great ideas here to send your teachers and childcare providers a little extra love.

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