Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller
Amanda is a lifelong resident of the Rochester area (except for a brief three-month period in which she tried to live in the Metro area, but the traffic was a bit overwhelming. Please don’t make her go back there). When she's not navigating the labyrinth of parenting a teen (Noah, born in 2004), a tween (Bethany, born in 2006), and an elementary student (Bradley, born in 2010), you can find her rocking out as the worship leader at Homestead Church, and with the band Winterstate. Amanda’s other hobbies include going on Paranormal Investigations, reading, painting, and sleeping. Follow Amanda on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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Lyme Disease: It’s Not What You Think

Lyme Disease often takes time to diagnose, and even longer to recover from. It's okay to get a second opinion, and to advocate for yourself and your child.
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I’ve Stopped Calling My Daughter Beautiful

I can't have my daughter thinking that her value is just in a pretty face.
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What Yoga Has Taught Me

If yoga has taught me anything, it's that I need to prioritize my own wellness over everything else in my life.
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There’s a New Dirty Word in Our House

Hurry. That's it, that's the word that I can't say. This is the most counterproductive word in my house.
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I Don’t Know the Woman That Drives My Van

How can I teach him to be a calm, patient driver when I'm literally the worst version of myself behind the wheel? 
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“Let Me Know if You Need Anything”

I've been trying lately to be brave enough to ask for help. Not all of my asks have been accepted - but I've been surprised at how willing others are to assist when I ask.

Mom, Put Your Phone Down

My heart smiles when I think of these things. I can still smell Christmas. I can hear the roar of the ATV. The laughter in the amusement park. Sometimes you don't need a good picture of a good memory.
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Son, You’re My Greatest Accomplishment

Now that he's old enough to understand what social media is and who sees it, he's definitely not thrilled with most of the things that I have shared because I thought they were cute at the time.

That Time I Chose Not to Punish My Kid

After all, he's going to continue to make mistakes, right? Soon there will be middle school, and high school, and bazillions of mistakes to be made.

When the Family Grieves Together: Part 2

When the grief is fresh and new, many people offer to help - but as time goes on, the person is still grieving but the rest of the world seems to have moved on.