April Justice

April Justice
April is new to the Rochester area, originally from Wyoming (the state). She enjoys a good cup of coffee (fresh roasted from her coffee roastery, Liturgy Coffee), cooking new things, and reading an interesting book. She is newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but refuses to be defined by it and draws her inspiration from her daughter (age 10), who has a genetic disorder diagnosed three years ago. She also has a son (age 12) who is a genius at the piano. One of her favorite quotes, as you will see on her blog, is "God is good. He is with us. He is faithful". She is a pastor's wife and loves her church family at Homestead Church. She loves giraffes, sparkly things, and high heels.

I Am a Melanoma Survivor: Get Your Skin Checked!

I do still worry about melanoma, but know that by getting regular check-ups I am doing everything I can to catch anything as early as possible. Catching it early saved my life, and can save yours.

What 18 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me

Here are a few things I've learned from being married for 18 years and from being a therapist in private practice for most of those years as well.

For Us: Helping the Immunocompromised Through Covid-19

Being immunocompromised (from here on out will be abbreviated with IC) during this season of Covid-19 is a challenging time.

It’s BBQ Roundup Time! Guide to BBQ in Rochester MN

Come to find out, we have a few places that meet the ooey-gooey BBQ-ey goodness right here in Rochester.
postive slogan signs

5 Mental Health Myths: Stopping the Stigma!

There are so many myths about mental health that need to be dispelled. Let's look at 5 myths that I have observed over the years.
women at cafe

9-1-1! All Friends on Board!

Sit in the quiet, hold her hand, cry with her, and let her just be. Don't offer advice or anecdotes. Just offer your time, love, and friendship.

Halloween *IS* Frightening

I understand how difficult it is to fight for your child to be "normal". Keep communicating, keep advocating, and keep empowering your kids. That is the only way that change will happen.