Becky Montpetit

Becky Montpetit
Becky is the owner and founder of Rochester Mom. Born and raised in Rochester, she considers herself a Minnesota girl through and through. A Harry Potter lover with a bad case of wanderlust, she’s always looking for the next big adventure. This has served her well while looking for new and exciting resources in the Rochester area. Wife to AJ and mama to Evie and Theo, as a family they enjoy all that Rochester has to offer. When not pursuing a crazy idea, you can find Becky baking an elaborate cake, canning her garden produce, or pretending to be a photographer with her iPhone. For more snapshots of Becky's life, follow her on Instagram.

Target Date Night: What it is and Why We Love it

My husband and I have a favorite date night tradition. It can fit any budget, doesn't require childcare (but you can leave the kids if you want!), and fills up the other person's love bucket.

Modern Homesteading: How to Brew Kombucha

Brewing your own kombucha is easy! Not only will you gain the positive benefits of probiotics, but you'll be saving lots of money too! Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Dear Student: Here’s What Coronavirus Cannot Do

It seems as if coronavirus is ruining everything. On the surface, it may seem that COVID-19 has robbed you of the normalcy of your youth. Here's what it cannot do.

Modern Homesteading: Fermenting Vegetables

Lacto-Fermentation is an ancient way of preserving vegetables. This type of fermentation can be found in food cultures worldwide. Learn how to make your own kosher dill pickles!

Watch the Construction at Home + A New Update | ♡ Heart of the...

This post is sponsored by Destination Medical Center Earlier this summer, Rochester Mom in partnership with Destination Medical Center launched a brand new summer series called ♡Heart of the City for Rochester Families ♡.  Our...

Spark Ready to Open to Members and the Community

Spark (formerly Minnesota Children's Museum - Rochester) is ready to open it's doors to members and the community on August 5th!

We Found Out About School

I want to be so bold as to suggest we lay down some guidelines for all of us for today...and the upcoming school year for that matter.  The onlyonlyonly way we are going to get through is with discernment, empathy, and civility.

New Kids on the Block: Using Goats for Backyard Weed Control

Learn why implementing goat grazing is the most effective and economical way to get rid of hard to beat invasive weeds naturally.

Here’s What You Need to Do: A Response to the Murder of George Floyd

Here is my list of Things You Need to Do as a White Person as a response to George Floyd's death. And not just tonight, but forevermore.

Rochester MN Guide to Mexican Restaurants

Is there anything better than a taco? No, really, is there? We recommend eating tacos anytime, anywhere (for example all of our amazing #rochmn taco trucks), and as often as you can.  Thankfully, the Rochester...