Bethany Schimek

Bethany Schimek
Bethany is a wife, mom to Aiden (2015) and Elliot (2018), trained doula, and a bit of a nerd when it comes to birth and babies. She is passionate about intentional motherhood, supporting women as they transition to moms, and really anything that leads to a better life for herself and those around her. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest and loves doing everything she can to help people find crunchy resources here in Med City. She writes about birth and connects with moms through Bethany Birth Services, and gets pretty honest about all things motherhood on Instagram and Facebook. She also spends a ridiculous amount of time drinking coffee, reading books, and dreaming about the day she can travel anywhere she wants to.
woman with shoulder tattoo holding flowers

Tattooed Moms Club: Getting Inked After Kids

After recently getting my fifth and most visible tattoo, I started thinking about how my reasons for getting them have changed since my first design nine years ago.
Santa snow globe

To Santa or Not To Santa?

I was caught off guard when my son directed one of his many specific and well-thought-out questions towards the idea of Santa. I suddenly realized that this might be it. The make-or-break year. The "either decide to go all in or decide to tell the truth" year. The "either way, I'll probably feel like I'm doing the wrong thing" year. Because here's the thing: when you have an analytical child, you can't just casually do Santa.

Warning: Busy Season Ahead

Even with the added craziness of it all, I still adore autumn in Minnesota. It's a beautiful reminder to me every year to live life to the fullest and yet also to slow down enough to enjoy it. 

Learning to Fly: That’s What Preschool is For, Right?

I think all of us, no matter what our life experience, worry about messing something up for our kids. For me it's school.
newborn on mom

Elliot’s Home Birth: A VBAC Story

The sheer intensity of an unmedicated birth, combined with the fact that I had never experienced pushing before, almost overwhelmed me so many times.

It’s Not My Fault! (But it is My Responsibility.)

There were a lot of factors in play, and I recognize that I will never know what would have happened had I made different choices.
Nuggle Bug

Nuggle Bug Cloth Diaper Service & Boutique: Solutions for Rochester MN Families

I love cloth diapers! Besides being eco-friendly and super adorable, they are actually way simpler to use than you might think.
storefront Marshall's

New Store Review: Marshall’s

Marshall's is a great addition to Rochester in that it provides another option for bargain-priced, decent-quality items.

The Fourth Trimester: Cesarean vs. Home Birth

Part of the reason I chose to pursue a home birth with my second baby was that I was convinced my postpartum difficulties the first time were due to an unplanned, traumatic c-section.
mom on phone

“Mommy, be off your phone!”

I was going to be intentional, present, loving, interactive, caring, and in-the-moment. I was going to be, as I saw it, the perfect toddler mom.