Blair Sharp

Blair is a wife to Rodney and mommy to Kyus (2016). She grew up in Red Wing and has lived in Rochester for 15 years. Blair works full-time at the Mayo Clinic as a Psychometrist (she tests people’s thinking). She finds mental health and psychology extremely interesting and loves learning about wellness. In her spare time Blair likes to do all things relaxing. This includes, but is not limited to: napping, going for walks, taking baths, and watching reality television. On the weekends you can find her thrift shopping, and attending fun events around town with her family of 3. Blair loves to make people laugh with her sarcastic and blunt personality, and she doesn’t take life too seriously.
give five

Give Five: National Organizations Making a Difference

This month we are sharing some organizations that are making a difference for people of color on a national scale. These programs and initiatives are doing some very important work.
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Give 5: Local Organizations Making A Difference in #RochMN

This month we are focusing on some local organizations that are making a difference for people of color in the Rochester community.
cascade lake

Rochester MN Guide to Cascade Lake Park

Located just 2.5 miles from downtown in what used to be a gravel mine, you’ll find beautiful Cascade Lake Park.
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Give 5: Anti-Racist Books to Diversify Your Reading

Here, we are introducing some books, many of them written by people of color, and a short explanation of why they are a great addition to your anti-racism work.
Blair Sharp

Meet the Contributor: Blair Sharp

I think it’s a good idea for all of us to take a look at our lives and decide if the way we’re living is bringing us actual joy, or taking the energy out of us.
Duluth Harbor

Field Trip Friday: Duluth

We got invited to a wedding in Duluth and I immediately thought, “Let’s make a weekend of it!”
life preserver

Stay Safe and Have Fun! Water Safety Tips for Your Family

Whether your family heads to a cabin on weekends or visits the area’s swimming options, we want you to be safe in and around the water.
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Give 5: Documentaries to Diversify Your Screen

Below is just a small list of some of the incredible documentaries focusing on racism and BIPOC lives available on streaming services.
easter meal

Guide to Easter and Passover Take-Out Specials in Rochester MN

Celebrating Easter at home doesn't mean missing out on a fabulous meal! Here are seven local establishments offering Easter take-out specials.
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Give 5: Diversifying your Vocabulary

We've broken down some of the more common terms and phrases, and included links and resources to help diversify your vocabulary.