Brittany is not a Rochester native but happily lives in nearby Pine Island with her teacher-husband, Tyler and their two sons, Riley (December 2013) and Thomas (May 2016). Her husband is from Byron and she moved to the area shortly after marrying Tyler in 2012. Brittany works full time as Postpartum Doula and Assistant to the Director for Student Reach Minnesota. She is the writer behind Blessed Momma and an avid-babywearer (founder of Rochester and SE MN Babywearers). She can likely be found doing any of the following with her tots in tote (one in front and one in back): hiking the trails at Oxbow, thrift shopping, attending art openings/musical concerts or in front of her computer playing freelance graphic designer. She loves wearing many hats and making relationships. #designedformotherhood
table set for holiday meal

Surviving the Holidays When You are Recovering From an Eating Disorder

I can say there was a time when holidays, especially the meals centered around them, were not easy for me.  It is amazing what 5 years of growth and recovery can do.  I am a recovered bulimic and have found the following tools helpful in my recovery, especially when it comes to the 2.5 month stretch of the holiday season.

“No” Is A Sentence: Finding The Freedom To Do What Matters

We must protect our "Yes." Do you have the time, energy, or resources to take on the responsibility that comes with saying "yes?" If not, just say "no."

Mother’s Milk: Olmsted Medical Center Donor Depot

Exciting news for Olmsted County residents! On September 14, 2016 Olmsted Medical Center officially began accepting breast milk donations as a Mother's Milk Depot for the Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa. The depot is managed...
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My Beauty Counter Lipstick Doula

When I walked up to the beauty counter that day, I had no idea that the fresh-faced teen in her black smock would end up being my lipstick doula.

Momma’s Poppin’ Tags: Thrifty Modern Mom

Here are our best pieces of advice and tips about thrift shopping in Rochester, MN, for moms who need a little self-care. Self-care can sometimes look like shopping.

The Tale of Two Diaper Bags

About six months ago, smack dab in the middle of my second pregnancy, I decided (more like had a small melt down) that my current diaper bag was not big enough or even semi-functional...
Take a Little Trip: Pine Island, MN | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Take A Little Trip: Pine Island

A stone's throw from Rochester, just 15 miles north on Highway 52, Pine Island is a quiet town with plenty of activities for the adventurer!
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A Rochester Mom’s Guide to Gluten Free

We are a family of food allergies; specifically, my son and I eat gluten-free.  Over the past 5 years it has seemingly gotten easier to go out to eat or even shop for groceries.  Lucky...
My Top 10 Mom-Guilty Pleasures | Rochester MN Moms Blog

My Top 10 Mom-Guilty Pleasures

I've got a few mom guilty pleasures.  You've got some too, admit it. 1. Grocery Shopping....alone AMIRIGHT?! All the items on the list actually make it in the cart and those things no one really needs...
The Art of the Swap: Freezer Meals | Rochester MN Moms Blog

The Art of the Swap: Freezer Meals

Typical weeknight conversation regarding Dinner: Husband: What is for dinner? Me: I don't know, what do you want to eat? H: I don't know, what do you want to eat? Me: I don't know, I don't feel like cooking... H:...