Christa moved to Rochester in her middle school days, and hasn’t really left since. She and her husband Aaron have two freckled faced kids and enjoy their life just north of the city in Oronoco. Their family was living what she calls The Oblivious Life until spring of 2015, when their youngest child, Hannah, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of two. Devastated by the pediatric cancer diagnosis, Christa left her career to be a full time mom while Hannah received cancer treatment. Despite the heartache and hurdles, Christa still finds joy in navigating the murky waters of having a child with a complex medical illness. She enjoys putting miles on her motorcycle, summer life in their culdesac, and collecting yarn to crochet. She’ll forever be a loud advocate for childhood cancer causes. She chronicles her favorite mom moments on Instagram and Hannah’s medical journey on Facebook.
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Fear in Isolation? I Hear You; A Cancer Mom’s Message

Our whole world was turned upside down and led us into a world of cancer treatment, fear, and isolation that would last years and even up until today.
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“Mommy, Was I Stage 4?”

Every year, in September, the childhood cancer world swells up a little bigger and asks for recognition.  Go Gold. Think about childhood cancer.  Ask for research.  Honor the survivors and reach out a hand to those who have buried their warrior. 
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Mom Life: We are a DHH Family

The damage is irreversible.  Hannah's hearing loss is called high frequency, which means that she has trouble hearing soft sounds, like the letters L and S.
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Managing the Memories of Christmas Past

It was Christmas time, and we were stuck in the hospital.  I could not give my children the holiday experience that I thought they deserved.
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A Flight to the Ocean…via Rochester

When the travel bug hits me, I find myself searching for Rochester options.  The Rochester International Airport is a much easier choice for my family.
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Mom Meditation: Motorcycle Cruising

The sound of a motorcycle engine revving up is as familiar to me as the microwave ding or my coffee pot rumbling to a start.
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I Am a Cancer Mom, But Please, Don’t Call Me Strong

 This journey as a cancer mom will never be over. I will never finish the lap and walk away. It will never be completely in the past.
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Ode to the Older Generation: When Grandma’s the real MVP

We know at my house that sometimes Grandma is the real MVP - the strong rock that holds our multi generations together quietly, behind the scenes.
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A Vacation Wish Come True – Disney by Sea

When my daughter was going through chemotherapy in the fall of 2015, we were approved for a Wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She chose a Disney cruise.
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Middle Aged Mom Birthdays Blow (and I’m not talking about candles)

I have always loved birthdays.  The coolest part about mine is I share it with my big brother. We are three years apart, but born on the exact same day.  When we were younger, I loved...