Beautiful Chaos is the theme to her life. Married to a pastor and a mama to Zion and Zakiyah, Christy stays very busy running two businesses. She has a home salon called Tala Hair Studio and a watercolor shop called Christy Cass Art. Coffee, barnwood, blogging, empowering teens and women, baking pies, and decorating are her passions and loves her Rochester community (tribe). Summer is her favorite season, and loves all things yellow! Her addictions are Pinterest, Netflix and Iced Jamaicans at Moka. You can follow along with Christy on her blog and on Instagram here, here and here.

Valentine’s Day Traditions For the Family

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day for many reasons. I love any excuse to show my family that I love them. I enjoy being creative as a mom and wife with personal ways...

Like Keeping Your House Clean…Marriage Takes Twerk!

Being married for over 12 years now, I have learned a few things that work for my marriage. Here are some "daily clean up" tactics that work for us.
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Curl Your Hair Like A Pro

Mom boss, blogger, and hair stylist, our contributor Christy shares her tips for getting professional looking, salon perfect curls at home!
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Products I Trust for My Baby

I have been so pleased with one of my longtime favorite local companies and their skincare products that work great for my baby and my older kiddos as well.
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Baby Girl Nursery REVEAL

With two daughters sharing a room, and a third daughter on the way, Christy shares how she's sharing her office with her new baby in this nursery reveal.
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Raising Shredding Betties: Using Family Sports to Teach Bravery and Strength

I want my girls to be brave and strong. I want them to push past stereotypes and show people they can do anything. I teach them this through family sports.
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Second Trimester Bliss

The second trimester is filled with bliss, like coffee tastes good again. It's also filled with a couple downers like compression stockings and the waddle.
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First Trimester BLOWS

Three words to describe the first trimester: vulnerable, emotional, dependent. In short, a hot mess. Here are things that blow about the first trimester.
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Why We Love Year-Round School

Every family has different reasoning and choices for what is best for their family. My family is so thankful for having year-round school as as an option!
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Permission To Be Lazy

This is your permission to be lazy. Life is not about checking off boxes on a list. Be intentional with the things that tend to fall between the lines.