Colleen Timimi, a former middle school English teacher turned stay-at-home-mom, moved to Rochester in 2005. Texan by birth, Floridian by high school graduation, she has truly found her home here. She and her husband are parents to a nine-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. When she isn’t trapped in the great internet time suck aka Facebook (Hey, where did that hour go?), she spends her days chauffeuring children and volunteering. She is passionate about reading, writing (eventually one of those works-in-progress will be finished), and running (and you thought the next word was going to be arithmetic!). Nearly 10 years into motherhood, Colleen continues to navigate parenting, where she is her own boss and the schedule is never consistent.
strawberry picking

Rochester MN Guide to Strawberry Picking

Rochester MN Guide to Strawberry Picking Don’t put it off, as berry picking is a short season!  You don't want to miss out on freshly picked strawberries straight from the field. 🍓 Details are as current...

How To Hygge: The Art of Being Cozy

Hygge is a Danish way of living together happily, cozily. Cozy isn’t just a cold-weather experience. Here are ways you can embrace hygge year-round.

Navigating an Egg Allergy

For her first birthday, I ordered an adorable cake shaped like a duck with an accompanying baby duck for her smash cake. She delighted in attacking all that sugary goodness (with egg hidden inside).

Speak Up!

The audiologist shared the graph that revealed my moderate hearing loss and my inability to clearly understand treble sounds – the sounds of women and children’s voices – the people with whom I spent a good 90% of my day.

Goal Getter: Tips for Supporting Your Child

Curious to know how to support a child who is passionate and driven?  Is your child someone who loves a sport, the stage, an instrument, or is just a plain old goal-getter?

Prioritize Your Passion

It doesn't matter what you love. Reading is my thing. Maybe yours is music or painting or yoga. Carving time out for something that gives you joy is a gift to yourself.  
pen and stationery

Letter Writing: It’s Not Just for Thank-You Notes

There are all kinds of families...sporty, outdoorsy, artsy. Me? I come from a letter-writing family. It’s in my blood.
pets looking at the camera

I Said “Yes”… to the Pets: A Cautionary Tale

I loved growing up with animals. But the truth is, while our “family” had pets, I’m pretty confident that 99% of the time my mom took care of those furry friends. Gee, I wish I’d realized that sooner!

Totally Imperfect Holidays: Let Them Bake The Pie

I LOVE holiday traditions. And apparently, I like all my holiday cheer neatly wrapped up with a “control freak” bow on top.  

My Phone, My Backup Parent

Maybe you’re all chuckling, “Who DOESN”T use their phone timer to parent?” Perhaps I’m the last one to party. If so, please humor me.