Elise Patzke

Elise grew up in NW Iowa and met her husband, Jeff, while attending Luther College. Over the past 12.5 years, the two have been lucky enough to try out a few different communities in SE MN before settling in Kasson. Elise is blessed to be the mama two energetic boys: Luke (2016) and Gable (black lab 2009). She treasures any amount of time spent with friends and family; whether it be in person, on the phone, texting or any social media avenue. In her spare time, you can find Elise devoted to her full-time career in laboratory science, developing leadership skills, and networking across her interests.
Iowa Great Lakes

Vacation Destination: The Iowa Great Lakes

Yes, we currently live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes; however, the Iowa Great Lakes region provides a wonderful retreat that's a pretty quick and easy drive from SE Minnesota.
vinyl record player

Vinyl: Music Appreciation With a Spin

Much to my surprise, vinyl has made a comeback in our house. It has introduced our preschooler to a whole new language and increased his level of fine motor skills as we've spent more time at home this year.

Extreme Adulting: When Wild Weather Strikes

I see neighbors suctioning water out of a failed sump pump, moving belongings, trudging through waste, offering meals, support, and creating a true sense of community.

Aunt (n): Like a Mom, Only Cooler!

I am beyond blessed to have earned the title of "aunt" first, for my niece helped prepare my heart and mind for upcoming titles.

What Exactly “counts” as Self-Care?

Sleeping used to be my absolute favorite hobby, of course, this was before my son was born. I loved relaxing and often took naps on the weekend.
An Open Letter to My Son's Future Coach | Rochester Mom

An Open Letter to my Son’s Future Coach

Thank you for partnering with my family to help instill qualities in my son outside the athletic area. Always remembering the athlete is a student first, and an athlete second.

Bringing Home Baby: “Ruff Transitions” Edition

If you're reading this and preparing your fur baby for a sibling, make sure they stick it out and wait for the ultimate reward...toddler snacks!

What Are These New Mom-otions?

One mom-otion at a time, one day at a time, one breath at a time. Your little ones adore you more than anyone else in the world.

Infertility in the Med City

For over 5 years, all I dreamed about was the announcement we could make to friends and family that we'd be expecting. I wanted, more than anything, to have a cute photo of my...
baby, baby who won't sleep, consistency, creating a routine, new parents, routines, schedule for baby, sleep challenges, sleep training

Sleeping in Socks: Adventures in Sleep Training

At the beginning of the sleep training discussion, we were told that we needed to be prepared to make sacrifices in order to help our son find his routine.