Erica Ross

Erica was raised in Stillwater, MN and never thought she would leave the Twin Cities area. However, this extroverted librarian was on the hunt for a new challenge. At the end of 2018, she convinced her high school sweetheart, their two-year old son Milo, and their three cats to move to Rochester. She has been having a wonderful time exploring the area and later sharing her treasured finds with loved ones. In her spare time, Erica is constantly binging audiobooks and podcasts, wrangling her toddler, working on sassy embroidery and trying out new recipes (but dreads the clean-up). She has decided her new life’s goal is to convince friends and family, one by one, to move to the charming city of Rochester. Follow Erica on Instagram @ericarossmn
tamales wrapped in banana leaves

Tamales at Christmastime

Around Christmastime, Sandra would start to gather supplies to make traditional Guatemalan tamales. When Sandra made tamales, it wasn’t just one afternoon of cooking and then enjoying a lovely dinner. No, this was a production!

A Very COVID Holiday: A Tough Conversation with Family

Disappointment has been wafting through the air for months now, more so once the temperature dropped and daylight escaped us. COVID will affect the holidays.
capsule wardrobe

Some Decision Fatigue Relief

Anyone else suffering from daily decision fatigue? I have become so burnt out weighing the pros and cons to minor and major life decisions.
therapy couch

What Better Time to Try Out Therapy Than During a Pandemic

I have always been an advocate for mental health awareness, therapy, and medication. I have encouraged several friends to look into all 3 options. It is just the first time that I personally had no more excuses.
woman wearing mask

I Am Anonymous: Another Upside to Masks

I could tell I was panicking. I wasn’t scared of catching the virus, but I was scared of wearing that mask every time I needed to go into public.
cold brew coffee

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

I love coffee. I love iced coffee. I love hot coffee. I want coffee on the hard days and the celebratory days. Coffee provides me with comfort. If I could, I would buy an...

Smothered by Anxiety

I did everything that was expected of me (or what I thought was expected of me) with mini anxiety-attacks smothering me along the way. 

Sprayed in the Face by a Bidet

I have never used a bidet. Like many Americans, the idea of a bidet was hard for me to wrap my mind around. I have traveled abroad and stood in many hotel bathrooms staring at the contraption, wondering how it worked.
woman alone at table

8 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Social Distancing

This last week has been so overwhelming and I have experienced a wide range of emotions from anxiety to depression to confusion and everything in between.
bulk bins

How to Live the Bulk Bin Life

Becky started by explaining the layout, the process, the scale, and everything I could ever think to ask when it came to buying bulk bin products.