With four young kids within five years of each other, Heather's hands and heart are absolutely full. She's passionate about good food, literature, social justice, handmade items, and making her house a welcoming and comforting space for all. She also spends a lot of time nursing her long-term relationship with coffee. Heather and her husband Michael blog about homeschooling, living life with a hearty mix of both abandon and intentionality, their future working with refugees in France, and other sundry topics at Those Kinds of People.

4 Poisonous Plants Every Mom Should Know

Are you confident in your ability to identify which plants are poisonous plants? Keep your kids safe by learning these four plants.

Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

I don't know about you, but it feels like in the first few days of spring, our entire household breathes a huge sigh of relief. We made it through another winter.  Nevermind that there could...
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Give It Six Months: A Story of Post-Adoption Depression

Post-Adoption blues or depression is just as real as postpartum depression.  Do not hesitate to seek a professional counselor or therapist.  

How Listening To Hamilton Made Me a Better Mom

When I listened to Hamilton, I was invigorated with the thought that I can do so much better. And that I will do so much better.
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Stone Soup: An Introverted Mama’s Manifesto

I was snuggled up my kids, reading them the French tale "Stone Soup," when I realized the story was perfectly depicting my life as an introverted mama.
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Indecent Exposure: Apology Notes That Sometimes Have To Happen

Our family TRIES to be normal. But there are some days where indecent exposure is more the norm than the exception. This was one of those days.

How To Fight Against “Mom Brain”

"I used to be a smart person! Now all it seems I know how to do is zip up zippers and tie shoes!" Here are five ways to fight against "Mom Brain."
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Family Fun Autumn Scavenger Hunt! {Free Printable!}

Ah, fall. It's no secret that we love Autumn here at Rochester MN Moms Blog! After all, we love our fall food, going to apple orchards (see our tips for how to find the best...
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Surprised By My Daughter: Confessions From a Former Boy Mom

Being a "boy mom," I was somewhat surprised about a few things when my daughter came into our lives. Genuinely flabbergasted.

Do It Scared: A Battle Cry To Live Fully

A 15-year-old girl sat in the driver's seat of a parked car in a high school parking lot, tears running down her face.  Her voice was angry, her face flushed.  Her mother was doing...