Heather Plizga

Things Heather loves: blue skies, green grass, gravel roads and trees rustling in the wind. Heather is a country girl through and through. She grew up on 10 acres of rolling countryside in SE Iowa. Over the course of their marriage, Heather and her husband (Ted) have lived in 3 different states. But, in 2012, when they grew tired of the big, grey city, they moved to Rochester (Ted’s hometown) for some green Minnesota living. Fast forward a few short years and she now has three bustling boys – Everett (2015), Judah (2016) and Monroe (2019). Heather also loves food. Full disclosure - she eats ice cream every night! She is a registered dietitian and is passionate about how she feeds her family. She has had various jobs over the last few years but has recently decided to stay home with her boys full-time. Her goal is to offer her readers with practical tools so they may also feed their families well!

Top Gardening Tips from a Real ‘Plant Mom’

I have learned a lot about gardening from my mother-in-law. She says gardening is "in [her] blood". Here are her TOP GARDENING TIPS:
kids playing

How to Be a Mom to My Kid’s Friends

I imagine it will always be a tug of war; a balance between being a mom in the larger sense to kids who visit my home, and being Everett's Mom.
whole wheat bread

How to Make 100% Whole Wheat Bread At Home

I am going to save you all the time I spent troubleshooting.  Here are the things I learned, followed by my 100% Whole Wheat bread recipe that is spot on!

Deleting My Facebook Tic

One thing that was hard to delete though was what I am calling my Facebook Tic... it was that sudden urge to check something.
Yellow Monkey

A Meet-Cute with The Yellow Monkey

When asked about her long-term goals for The Yellow Monkey, Cindy simply said, "It makes me happy when [people with disabilities] can come here and be happy." 

The After-Christmas Meltdown

At Christmas, the spill-over from their rooms invades my living room. It seems to multiply and invades every inch of floor space. You see, I try to keep my house relatively free of clutter. 
fork and knife

Food Insecurity Can Happen Anywhere: Rochester Food Support Resources

Food insecurity can happen to anyone, anywhere. We all need help sometimes, so let's talk about it. Below are local food support resources.
Santa Cleaning

Santa (I Mean My Home Cleaner) is Coming to Town!

She is a home cleaner, and every time she comes it feels like Christmas!!  I find myself counting down the days, hours, minutes until cleaning day arrives.
child with asthma inhaler

Catching our Breath: Relief in an Asthma Diagnosis

I also feel joy that there is hope in this asthma diagnosis, and we are finding a solution. In this new place, there are tears; lots of tears. I cannot pinpoint exactly where they come from, but they feel good.
skin care

My Mom Skin in a World of Insta-Perfection

I DO NOT have Insta-worthy, perfect, pore-less skin. But, let's be real - neither do most of the influencers! Even-so, here are a few lessons I have learned... from someone with mom skin to another.