Heather Plizga

Heather Plizga
Things Heather loves: blue skies, green grass, trees rustling in the wind. Heather is a country girl through and through. She grew up on 10 acres of rolling countryside in SE Iowa. Over their 7 years of marriage, Heather and her husband (Ted) have lived in 3 different states. But Heather grew tired of the big, grey city so, in 2013, they moved to Rochester (Ted’s hometown) for some green Minnesota living. Fast forward a few short years and she now has two bustling boys – Everett (3) and Judah (14mos). Heather also loves food. Full disclosure - she eats ice cream nightly! She is a registered dietitian and is passionate about how she feeds her family. In order to stay home with her boys, only a year ago she became a licensed family childcare provider. She feeds her daycare family with the same enthusiasm. Her goal is to provide readers with practical tools so they may also feed their families well. !
woman smiling under mask

I Can Tell You Are Smiling Under Your Mask

I see you; I am looking at your face, and I can tell you are smiling under your mask.
3 boys

But Will I Be Lonely Without A Girl? – A Boymom’s Question

What will my boys look like 10-15 years from now?  Would I regret not having a girl when my boys are fully grown and we have less in common?
non-dairy milk

Are Non-Dairy ‘Milks’ Nutritionally Adequate Substitutes for Children?

As a registered dietitian, I decided to investigate the question: Are non-dairy 'milks' nutritionally adequate substitutes for children?
mom nursing baby

I am a Human Pacifier

I have three boys, and each one was very different when it came to their pacifier preferences.  My first son was very PRO-pacifier. Pacifiers helped tremendously with his self-soothing skills in the first few...
snuggle with toddler

The Snuggle Struggle: A Toddler Mom’s Cry for Help

Why can't she snuggle her sweet toddler on her own terms? Does not cuddling with him when he is supposed to be learning to sleep on his own mean that she isn't savoring his childhood?
homemade pizza

How to Make Homemade Pizza Like a Boss

Here is my crust recipe, a few time-saving ideas, and a few tips and tricks so you can make homemade pizza like a boss too.
woman sick in bed

Mom Got Hit By a Truck: Tips for Partners When Mom Literally Can’t

Moms are notorious for being selfless when it comes to meeting the needs of their families. So when mom gets sick, the internal struggle is real.
group exercise class

Exercise and Self-Parenting My Inner Child

Sometimes self-care can be things that aren't necessarily fun, but make our lives better. I self-parent my inner child by saying, "Heather, go exercise! You'll be glad you did."
mother holding sick son

Following a Mother’s Story of her Dying Son Changed Me for Good

Even though your sweet Lincoln is gone, he is not forgotten. When I hugged my boys this week, I hugged yours as well. Lincoln's story will change the world. It changed me for good.

Grandparents Near and Far

My dad recently came to stay for a few days. On the first morning of his visit, my middle son (who is 2 years old) came downstairs to wake us and asked, "Who is that guy?" My son didn't even know that 'that guy' asleep in the other room was his grandfather.