Jenna Whiting

Jenna was born in Rochester, boomeranged around a bit, and moved back to establish family roots in the community. Jenna married a boy she liked in H.S. – Go Rockets! Rescued a pup named Gretzky (2012), and flipped a house into a home. Their son Driver Jax joined the squad in 2018, and it’s been all boy ever since. Jenna has a degree in Education, specializing in Early Child Development. But paper aside, unless it’s Bristol, Jenna loves creating bright and vibrant artwork. She is an adopter of the ‘hygge’ lifestyle, except when it comes to fashion. On special days you will find Jenna teaching children the importance of creative messes in Neon Green Studio, family road tripping out west, and listening to house music.
thank you sign

Celebrating Our Educators and Child Care Providers

Teacher and Child Care Provider Appreciation week is May 4th-8th. Here are some ideas and local resources to help make the hardworking educators and care providers in your child’s life feel extra special.
potty training

Potty-Training Woes: A Word of Encouragement

So really, this note is more of a reminder that the potty struggles you are experiencing is completely normal. Hang in there, you'll find the flow.
mom hands on heart

More than a Mom: Revitalizing Your Self-Identity

I found moments of difficulty separating my purpose from my passions. My identity was no longer my own, and those passions I had been unearthing dissolved.
halloween pumpkin mask

Celebrating Halloween Safely

Even with the uncertainty surrounding this year’s festivities, you can still seek out the magic and fun. Here are a few ways to celebrate Halloween safely.
DIY Halloween costume

Sweet and Spooky DIY Halloween Costumes (all under $20.00)

Here is a list of simple, DIY  costume projects that are not only frighteningly adorable, but also under $20.00!
tie dye t-shirt

Summer Trend: Tie Dye DIY

I remember my first tie dye. I was in 9th grade at a youth convention in St. Louis, MO. During the day they would open up themed booths at the convention center and the...

Combat Germs in Creative Ways

Here are a few creative ways to make learning about and understanding germs fun for kids, and not so scary.