Jessica Schmitt

Jessica has lived in Rochester since 2000 with her husband, Mike, and their two children –Benjamin (2005) and Lucy (2010). After spending time living abroad in southern England and experiencing a truly walkable/bikeable city life, she became frustrated with the car-centric design of Rochester’s streets. Since then she has become very active with volunteer groups in the community. She can often be found commuting around town coaxing her oldest child to confidently ride on the streets of Rochester and with her youngest strapped to the front of her beloved orange commuter bicycle. When not biking or advocating for biking, Jessica enjoys giving back to the community in many ways. She teaches a digital photography community education course called Momarazzi Photography and recently had a leadership role in a community impact project with her Leadership Greater Rochester class to install free mini libraries in the yards of 40 Rochester homes. She works full time at Mayo Clinic as a Program Manager in Education. You can follow her thoughts on all things #rochmn and #bikerochmn on Twitter and Instagram.

Field Trip Friday: Lark Toys

The family owned and operated business is where magic, childhood and fun all combine into a store/amusement park/mini golf course/treat shop/museum/zoo.

Rochester MN Guide to Public Murals

My wish to visit and enjoy art and our desire to be outside got my creative juices flowing. I decided to take the kids on a mural treasure hunt.
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Can We Quit It With “Adulting?”

It is hard enough out here for anyone over 35, so why are women self-infantilizing themselves with terms like "adulting?"
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When Your Child’s Hero Falls from Grace

I had to tell my son that one of his heroes did something reprehensible and that many people are asking him to quit his job because of it.
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Rise Above the Drama, Working Mama

Keep the focus on yourself. Try not to worry about how the other person is behaving, only pay attention to how you react.
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Guide to Solar Eclipse 2017

On Monday, August 21st, 2017 the United States will experience a total solar eclipse that will span the entire 48 continental states.
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So You wanna Get Involved In Your Community?

I have had many people ask me how or why I became involved in the community and it invariably leads to a second question of how they can become involved.
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And We’ll All Float On Okay

I am constantly on the go and struggle with finding ways to take care of myself. As a busy mom, I was able to relax while floating at Nalu Float.
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Pedal Parenting: Road Safety

Bikes and cars can exist together on roads, but it does take some basic knowledge to do so safely. Here are some tips for road safety.

How To Keep Your Sanity and Handle School Behavior Problems

Oh, how I love the feeling I get as I approach school; when my heart races as my eyes dart around looking for which teacher is going to pull me aside that day. My...