Jodie Meurer

What does life with adult sons look like? Jodie and her husband Brian are finding out! After over two decades of raising her sons Benjamin and Christian, Jodie is new to life with an empty nest and abundant free time. Since her sons are off on their own adventures, she and her husband have turned their skills toward raising honey bees and are excited about contributing to the pollinator population. Jodie is a two time surrogate to two boys who are busy teaching their parents just what life with boys can be like! Jodie's sons are her greatest pride, so being able to help 2 families have that same joy is an unexplainable gift. Four pregnancies 20 years apart was enough, so Jodie retired as a surrogate, but remains in the birth world as an independent birth and postpartum doula with Balance Doula Services. Nurturing women during childbirth and supporting them during their first days and weeks as mothers is a natural way for Jodie to continue welcoming new life into the world. She also works as a patient care coordinator at Rochester Chiropractic and Wellness. There she is able to work directly with a large population of pregnant and postpartum women as well as their children and families. When she isn't behind the desk, she's seeking out ways for RCW to be active with community outreach opportunities and family wellness focused events.
Avalon Hotel historical picture

What’s the Story of That Building?- the Avalon Hotel

As the only hotel in Southeastern Minnesota to welcome Black people, it accommodated Black celebrity travelers as well. Duke Ellington and Henry Armstrong are just two of the celebrities who stayed at the Avalon.

Rochester MN Guide to Ice Skating

Bundle up and burn off some energy! Here are all of the best places to go ice skating in Rochester, Minnesota, as well as places to buy skating equipment.
meals stacked in freezer

Your Family Wants to Eat AGAIN – Freezer Edition

While I loved cooking, figuring out what to feed my family during those busy years was sometimes more frustrating than not having the time to make it!
mug of coffee

I Lost My Words, But I’m Getting Them Back

But as the boys got closer to graduating and moving away, the less sure of myself I became. I'd ask: Who am I? What will I be when I grow up?

Is she OK? Life After a Surrogate Pregnancy (Part 3 of a 3 Part...

I do miss him, I miss staring into his face for hours on end - literally, HOURS. Because, he's a baby. And I brought him here, and that's really cool.

Wait, So How Does Surrogacy Work? (Part 2 of a 3 Part Series)

While the process of surrogacy is relatively the same across the board, the relationships that are created in situations like this vary considerably.

Wait, So How Does Surrogacy Work?

Ever since I joined the world of surrogacy, I've been asked many questions. Who is the couple? How did I find them? Is it my baby?
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What Do You Mean You’re Not Going Back?!

Sending our first born son to college was such a proud moment for this mom, it was a day I had envisioned since he was young.
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Open Letter To The Parents of 3 Rambunctious Children in The Chicago Airport

Thanks to you, the next parent I see dealing with rambunctious children will encounter a more compassionate version of me.
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Love ’em or Hate ’em, Silver Lake’s Resident Geese Are Here to Stay

My own children grew up feeding the geese.  This was many many years ago - before Google and Facebook taught us that bread and corn are not good for birds.