Kelly is wife to Dustin, mama to 2 little guys, and designer at IBM Interactive. Coming from an all-girls house, Kelly is quickly learning everything boy. When she's not working or wrangling the boys, she spends her time doing freelance design, blogging, tackling home projects, and instagraming too many pictures. You can find out more and connect with her on her blog at Kelly Hicks Design.

Fall Bucket List + Free Printable

I've always admired others who have seasonal bucket lists and follow through with each activity. Since fall is so short and sweet in Minnesota, I thought a bucket list was the perfect way to...

Dear New Mom: You’re Normal

Sometimes, when you're a new mom, all you need to hear is that you are not crazy. You're not the only one who feels like this.

Why our iPad “Went to the Beach”

"If you two don’t stop fighting over that thing, the iPad is going on vacation!" Well. They didn’t stop. What ensued was ungodly.
10 Lessons Learned From a Boy Mom | Rochester MN Moms Blog

10 Lessons Learned from a Boy Mom

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I assumed I would be a mom to girls. After all, I came from a family of 3 daughters. But when I had my first boy and then discovered my...

5 Ways To Save On Your Bathroom Remodel

For three years, I'd been wanting to redo the kids' bathroom, but of course other projects and money kept us from doing it. I was forced to use it for a week when our...

10 Scariest Things You Could Hear From Your 3-Year-Old

Like any Mom out there, I think my 3-year-old says the funniest things. Almost from the time he started to talk, I kept a little note on my phone of the hilarious things he...

Living With The Worst Sleepers Ever

This is not an article about how to get your children to sleep. Oh boy, have we tried everything. When people hear our boys aren't great sleepers, they usually offer advice. I don't mind...

The Best Mom Advice I’ve Received

I, like the majority of Moms have received tons of advice, both solicited and unsolicited. I once had a complete stranger at Target give me advice for 15 minutes straight! It actually turned out...

Holiday Bucket List + Free Printable

Rochester MN Moms Blog loves every season, but we think that the holidays are extra-special. We've created a Holiday Bucket List for you to enjoy!

3 Ways to Style a Fireplace Mantel + Free Art Print

With the cold weather upon us, it's time to rev up those fireplaces. A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to add in seasonal decor and easy to change out quickly. You don't need...