Kim Friedline

Kim Friedline
Kim is a Rochester native who in 2006 unexpectedly found herself back in her hometown, marrying a boy she had once dated as a 15 year-old, and putting down new roots. Kim and husband David have three rambunctious boys born in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Kim works part-time at Mayo Clinic as an Education Program Coordinator, and spends the rest of her time chasing her boys and stepping on legos. She loves to escape the chaos with a run, putzing around in the garden, making guacamole in the kitchen, and enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (not all at once). She is also actively pursuing the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Tales of a Walking Mombie

You call your kids by the wrong names.  You call your husband by the dog's name. You sign your maiden name, even though you've been married for 10 years.

At Home Sanity Savers: Make a Boring Day Extraordinary

Occupying kids doesn't need to be an expensive, complicated struggle-fest -- we just need to have a few ideas ready, like some of my favorite sanity savers.
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants

If they could talk, these traveling maternity pants could tell a lot of stories.  They've seen us though a whole spectrum of life moments. 
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Scraps In The Fridge: Real Life Games for Families

Wife vetoes each of them until Husband is completely exasperated. Winning the game: Wife finally decides what she is hungry for and just picks something.
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Starting Over: Diapers, Spit Up, and Breastfeeding

Starting over with projectile spit-up, and up-the-back-out-the-neck blowouts.  Starting over with me being a food source for the next year.

Fake It Till You Make It: The Journey To Momfidence

Your momfidence has grown. You've proven to yourself that you can handle the unexpected.  You are learning to trust your instincts (this is HUGE!).
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Potty Training Sucks. That About Covers It.

WARNING: this post is going to be 95% venting.  If potty training was a breeze for you, feel free to stop now. 

Just Do It! Why You Should Take The Trip

Recently, I took a trip with a group of good friends to celebrate an upcoming marriage.  The trip was short—a mere 48 hours, but it was so wonderful. 

Slogging Feet, Sludge Brain: Tips to Defeat The Winter Doldrums

The winter doldrums are in full swing. It's still too dark, too gloomy, and too cold. Here are my tips for surviving this time of year.
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It’s a New Year, NOT a New You!

When we wake up on January 1 or any other of the 365 days a year, we will be the exact same people we have always been. It's a new year, not a new you.