Kristina Josselyn

Kristina is a born and raised Michigander who transplanted her roots to Rochester in late 2016. Kristina is married to David, a Rochester – area native, and they have two dogs, Breezy (golden retriever) and Stormy (black lab). They are expecting their first baby November 2019 after traveling the road of infertility. Kristina works from home for her family’s business in Michigan along with helping her husband run his two local businesses and owns an Etsy shop, Michisota Designs. Kristina is a Midwestern through and through. She loves Midwest winters and summers, prefers the unsalted life, cherishes her garden full of vegetables, and believes “Up North” is the greatest place to be. When Kristina is not working or researching all aspects of being a first time parent, you can find her traveling home to Michigan, strolling the sidewalks with her dogs nightly, cruising the Mississippi on their boat, or exploring the northern woods on a snowmobile. You can follow along with her on Instagram here.
taking a walk

The Simplicity of Taking a Walk

Try going for a walk outside. Sometimes the most simple thing like a walk outside can be the most beneficial for your mood and energy. 

Tiny Needles Gave Me Sanity

While I will never truly know if it was the acupuncture or something else that brought an end to our road of infertility, I do know that discovering acupuncture was exactly what I needed to have a sense of sanity during that challenging time.
teal pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project: A Happier Halloween For All

As I admire how people strategically place their straw bales, corn stalks, spooky Halloween decor, and pumpkins on their porch, I also look to see how many houses place teal pumpkins out front.