Lee Frazier

Lee is the very proud mother of an eight year old son who she raises all on her own. She is an Associate Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual and she is extremely passionate about using all that she has been given to be of service. Originally from Chicago, IL, she has spent the past 10 years living in Western Wisconsin. She joined the Rochester community in July of 2019. She dabbles in many different crafts such as custom journals and handmade Christmas ornaments. Her most favorite craft is yarn art. Lee specializes in advanced crochet and intermediate knitting technique. Her most favorite items to create are lace shawls and super scarves.
child with money & piggy bank

Talking Dollars and Sense to My Son

How do you start instilling sound financial values into a child at an early age? How do you teach them about spending, when the use of physical money is rapidly decreasing?
wall tree

How a Wall Tree Brought Back Christmas

The concept of a space-saving wall tree works so well for our home. It doesn't have to be expensive, or overwhelming to create.