Lucy Baril

Born and raised in Canada, Lucy is relatively new to Rochester. Her and her husband Richy moved here in 2015 after he accepted a position at Mayo Clinic. They bought a now over 20-year-old camper, and have been exploring the USA on State at a time. This French Canadian speaks French at home or while camping, with her hubby and son Eliot. Sometime she speaks French/ English to her newly found friends. Lucy is a social butterfly. She will challenge you step out of your comfort zone and take on any and every event that is kid related or not in this city. They have been watching our city grow fast before their eyes, and enjoy navigating through the change. She loves to try new things because how else do you figure out if you like it, or are good at something if you don’t try? Engaging people is Lucy’s passion. She takes this on by baking, volunteering, and giving back to this community. Lucy was an office manager in Montreal and loves to organize and host events. She loves people. Having a husband that is Bi-Sci-Fi means the dogs in their lives are named after Star Wars or Star Trek, this includes the newest member of the family. Miss Nimoy is 100% American and a Golden Retriever, she is a great companion for their son Eliot. Eliot has an interesting middle name, when you meet Lucy ask her about it. Lucy has had three miscarriages and as painful as it is to talk about, it helps Lucy heal and feel closer to people who also experienced loss. We are never alone and Lucy makes an effort every day to connect with people and be a part of her community.

Meet the Contributor: Lucy Baril

I am very grateful for many things; I say 3 thank you’s most nights. Why? Well, this reminds me of how lucky I am to have the spouse I have, the kid I have, the Golden dog I have, the house we just bought.

Our 10-Day Camper Trip, Part 2: Montana

First, I will be very honest, from Minnesota, this state is far! But once there, we enjoyed our time in Montana. It was like an automatic relaxation mode was turned on.
cowboys in South Dakota

Our 10-Day Camper Trip, Part 1: South Dakota

The striking landscape of geological formations, and the incredible colors that changed depending on the time of day were simply amazing. Pictures do not do it justice.

My Mother’s Socks

Sometimes I forget you are no longer here with me, with us. Sometimes I start to forget what you smelled like or what lip color you had on the last time I saw you.

Elf on the Shelf: An Introduction to Elf Life

Seeing our son happy and excited over a simple silly thing the Elf did makes it worth it for me. Elf life can be as much as fun as you want it to be!

Camping at Whitewater State Park During COVID-19

Each year, we camp Whitewater State Park, which is about a 45 minute drive from Rochester. It has nice hiking trails, a bird sanctuary, and good fishing.
work from home

Working from Home … Longer Than They Normally Do

However, over the last few weeks things changed from the normal routine, as my sweet, loving, OCD, clean-freak hubby will now be working from home for an indeterminate amount of days--scratch that--weeks!

Visiting the Ice Castles in New Brighton MN

My family and I have been going to the Ice Castles around Minneapolis for the last 3 years, and this little expedition is something we look forward to every winter.