Agriculture has been intertwined in Mamie Luhmann’s life since birth, as she was raised on a dairy farm, and was a member of both the 4-H and FFA Programs. She went to college at UWRF and earned a degree in Agricultural Education. After a semester as a high school agriculture teacher, she took a job with the UMN Extension as a 4-H Program Coordinator, and completed a Masters Degree. She met her husband Paul at the County Fair. Together they moved on to a small farm and started raising chickens, sheep, and their 2 daughters, Clara (5) and Hazel (2). Mamie is an “agvocate” and loves to teach others about agriculture and farming. Her daily adventures include collecting dozens of eggs, cleaning straw out of her washing machine, using her hair dryer to warm baby lambs, and raising 2 little girls to love livestock and farming as much as she does. When she isn’t getting her hands dirty on the farm, she’s busy with her career as a Training and Development Liaison at the Mayo Clinic. Mamie contributes to the AgStar Women in Ag Blog and also pens her own blog at Blessings Abound.

Fall on the Farm

If you Google Fall on the Farm, many of the results will be fall farm festivals that conjure thoughts of apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes and hay rides. For those working in production...
Take a Little Trip: Lake City

Take A Little Trip: Lake City

Lake City is a jewel of a town that is just 40 minutes north of Rochester up Highway 63, and it's a great destination for a day away.
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Olmsted County Fair Scavenger Hunt {+ Free Printable!}

My love affair with the county fair started at a young age.  I spent my childhood years as a 4-Her exhibiting livestock at the Goodhue County Fair, the early years of my career as...
Top Tips for Hosting a Garage Sale | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Top Tips for Hosting a Garage Sale

It is often said there are two seasons in Minnesota: Winter and Road Construction. I would add another to the mix – Garage Sale Season!  Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Rummage Sale – whatever you...
You're Not Alone | Rochester MN Moms Blog

You’re Not Alone: Parenting Challenges

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Why was my child so whiney?  Why did her mood change at the drop of a hat?  Was mine the only child that cried for...
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Simple Fix at Hy-Vee

  {We’ve partnered with Hy-Vee to provide you with a review of their Simple Fix meal preparation workshop. Rochester MN Moms Blog partners with brands and organizations we know will benefit our readers, so we are thrilled to let...
A Working Mom's Guide To 5 Tips for Getting Out The Door in the Morning | Rochester MN Moms Blog

A Working Mom’s 5 Tips For Getting Out the Door in the Morning

I’ve never been much of a morning person. Getting up and out the door in 20 minutes was easy when I was the only person I had to worry about.  Now as a mom,...
Snail Mail is Still in Fashion: Pen Pals | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Snail Mail is Still in Fashion: Pen Pals

I have always had a love affair with snail mail. Of course, when I was child it was simply “mail."  Writing notes and letters on pretty paper, putting them in a pretty envelope sealed...
Finding The Good Moments In a Bad Day | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Finding Good Moments in Bad Days

Raising kids is so hard. As moms, we are constantly bombarded with what it takes to be a “good mom” and with what perfect kids should act like. The truth is: kids are kids....

10 Reasons Raising Kids on the Farm is Awesome

I'm a farm kid - born and raised on a dairy farm.  As a child, I was sometimes envious of my friends who lived in town.  They had other kids to play with just...