Megan Toney

Megan is a former researcher in biophysical optics turned mom of four. She spends her time giving ridiculously long answers to questions like, "Why can a bird sit on an electrical wire and I can't?" Megan believes strongly in the power of being in nature, service to others and a good cup of coffee.

Field Trip Friday: SeaQuest

SeaQuest is a highly interactive experience full of opportunities to get up close with some fun animals. Touching and learning is encouraged!

Raising Anti-Racists: Books to Encourage Open Conversation

One suggestion for parents in reading these amazing books to young children, is to read the Author’s Notes before launching into the book with your child. They are chock full of context and perspective that will help you in explaining things to your child as the stories unfold.
winter dressing

No Such Thing as Bad Weather: Dressing for a Minnesota Winter

Rochester Mom contributors share our very favorite winter clothing options. If this is your first Minnesota winter...we've got you covered!

20 Schoolday Questions Better Than “How Was Your Day?”

 Use the printable below to cut out and place all of the schoolday questions in a jar.  Have your children pick questions out each day for a fun activity!
tape measure

Take Your Inches, Mama

Taking your inches isn't limited to such an extreme application. Rather, it is a good reminder to use whatever you have available at any particular moment to the best of your ability. It is giving yourself permission to stretch just a little further to not just maintain, but build.

How to Pack The Best Winter College Care Package

As the winter wears on, my mind is on my college student friends. We all could use a little pick-me-up. Here's how to pack the best college care package.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Summer Memory Book

Remember to involve children in the recording of their own memories. My kids love reminiscing over our summer flipping through each memory book! 

Hanging Out at The (Brow) Bar: An Ulta Experience

Ulta divides their products into two lines, which they call custom prestige(think MAC cosmetics, BareMinerals, Clinique) and mass cosmetics(aka drugstore brands).

How Does Your Garden Grow: 5 Plants Kids Will Enjoy

Not only does he see firsthand how food is grown, he takes pride in helping me tend to the plants and harvest the bounty!

Let’s Talk Playdates and Safety: What is The GFM?

Finally, when we have playdates we like to focus on activities we can do together and so we will not be engaging in media.