Megan Toney

Megan is a former researcher in biophysical optics turned mom of four. She spends her time giving ridiculously long answers to questions like, "Why can a bird sit on an electrical wire and I can't?" Megan believes strongly in the power of being in nature, service to others and a good cup of coffee.
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Learning Life Skills at J.E.T.S.!

Whatever level of interest and ability your child is currently, there is room to explore, grow and develop at J.E.T.S.
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This Boob Next: Tips for Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins is going to take a lot of your time! While people can bring you babies, most of the work is on you here. Self care will be important.
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Encouraging Positive Behavior with Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz is a “sticker chart for your child’s arm.” All the positive messages are front and center for your child because it's worn on your child’s wrist!
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900 Popsicle Sticks Later: 5 Things Not to Say at the PTA Meeting

Nothing can make a grown woman sweat like trying to bust your way into the PTA. 10 years ago I attended my first PTA meeting.
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Read to Me: A Minnesota Author Roundup

No matter the age of your child (or YOUR inner child) there is a book for you! Here is a roundup of our family's favorite Minnesota authors.

When Your Day Feels More #cursed Than #blessed: How I Reset

I've realized the issue wasn’t my kids being kids, it was ME! And when I start to feel that feeling rising up in my chest its time to hit my reset button.
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Rochester MN Guide to the Olmsted County Fair

No matter the age of your children or what your budget is, a day at the Olmsted County Free Fair can be a great one. Here is our guide to have the most fun!

Sticks and Stones: Building a Natural Playscape for Your Backyard

While a traditional swingset is fun, adding playscape elements will bring your child’s imagination to life and put them in touch with nature in a new way.

Hang On, This is Gonna Itch a Little: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Head Lice

Consider this a girlfriend's guide, if you will. As a mother of four, I give you everything I wish I knew before my kids got head lice.

Cultivating a Thankful Family

In our home visual reminders are very helpful at driving our family’s conversations and attitudes. Here is one way we help to cultivate a thankful family.