Melissa Meyers

Melissa Meyers
Melissa Meyers, along with her best friend a.k.a. husband John and two kids worked in Central Asia for ten years with a Christian development organization. Native to Minnesota in 2014, they returned to the greater Rochester area, where she proclaimed to her children, Malcolm (now 11) and Emily (8) it was time to learn “all things Minnesotan.” She is a Neonatal Nurse at Mayo Clinic. Some of her adventures can be found at Thrive Connection, a magazine focusing on Global Women. As a family, building community, spending time at church, staying active, and screen-free times are top priorities. Reading, drinking more coffee than is probably good for her, bird-watching, and painting pictures of coffee cups are her hobbies.

25 Ways to Embrace and Love Winter

Here are 25 ways to help you love the ice, sleet, bitter cold, snow, and dark days of winter.

Rochester Historical Landmark Series: Assisi Heights

From a distance, the traveler new to Rochester may wonder if the Mayo Brothers built a castle for themselves to watch over the Med City.
trail in the woods

Our Mini Thru-Hike Adventure on the Douglas Trail

Our idea for a mini Thru-Hike on the Douglas Trail from Pine Island to Rochester was born. Nature is my go-to for helping them experience life.
premature baby

Loving a NICU Mama: A Nurse’s Perspective

NICU mamas need you. They need the support of their family, friends, and community to come alongside them.

Rochester MN Guide to Nearby State Parks

Within a short drive of Rochester MN, there are multiple opportunities to make lasting memories at Minnesota State Parks. Here are 10 nearby State Parks for you to visit and enjoy!
food on table for meal

The Table: An Answer To Our Loneliness?

Moms are some of the loneliest people I know. Maybe starting small and inviting more people to eat with us is an answer to our loneliness.

5 Items a Nurse Mom Keeps in the Medicine Cabinet for Cold Season

I am fairly confident none of them will CURE their cold and cough, but they will help you and your children sleep a little better.

1980s Meals Rated by My Children

My busy working mother cooked and prepared most meals from scratch, but when she needed to feed us in a pinch it often consisted of opening some cans or putting together a ready meal.

Take a Little Trip to Zumbrota

Pockets of culture and distinct spaces can be found in small communities scattered throughout Minnesota. Zumbrota is one of those treasured places. Located about 20-25 minutes north of Rochester on Highway 52, it is just a short drive away.
kids having pillow fight on bed

Keeping Your Big Kids SAFE While They Are Home Alone

I think allowing them to be home alone for periods of time is beneficial. They need to be challenged and have responsibility.