Molly Grimm

Molly Grimm
Molly has lived in Rochester for eight years. She resides blissfully with her husband Adam, one-year-old Fritz and pup Henry. Molly works for a digital agency managing a large media partnership. At work, she is Type A, but when it comes to momming she lets the five-second rule go out the window. Though not a long-tenured mom, Fritz has shown Molly that she was always meant to be a mama. She has cultivated a passion for all things mom and baby and loves trying out new baby products and lines. She also loves connecting with other mom's - especially those with little ones around Fritz's age. When not working or folding tiny human clothes, Molly loves reading, shopping, Sauvignon Blanc and hanging with her gals.
working from home

How to Work Remotely, Like a Pro – From a Pro!

Working remotely (work from home/WFH) is going to be a new experience for many, but good news for you, I'm an expert at it!  I've been working remotely for over three years in a high-level...
child with tablet

I Was Mom-Shamed: How I Confronted It

I just really wanted her to know that she hurt my feelings. That as a mother, it was not right to judge me and that she should know better and try to do better as a woman. 

Bake a Rainbow Cake :: Amirah Kassem’s Book for Sprinkle Lovers!

Bring magic to the every day with the new children's board book, Bake a Rainbow Cake! Pour it, mix it, bake it, frost it...make a wish! Help children learn a love of cooking in the kitchen with this colorful and whimsical book.
woman sitting in jeans & sweater

Mom Uniform: But Make it Cool + 100% Comfortable

But as someone who has always loved style--and don't get me wrong, a good pair of high-waisted jeans--here are some tricks for being comfortable, but still looking like myself.
iced tea

There is No Magic Tea for This

It was easier for me than most to hide my disordered relationship with food and exercise.
family photos

I’m Not Making Peace With Mortality

I've noticed that since becoming a parent, I've become a lot more dependent on my own for their advice, encouragement, camaraderie, and support.
toddler holding toy

Heartbreak Before Eight, Five Days A Week

I've been told that kids do not get easier, things just change as they get older and going from dropping of an infant to a toddler every morning has proven that to be true.
messy couch

I’m Always Cleaning and It Makes Me Jealous

I am jealous that my husband isn't bothered by the things I deem essential like clean counters, crumb-free floors, and toys put away that aren't in use.
white wine

My Perfect Day: Simplicity, Self Care, Sauvignon Blanc

I need a solid eight to nine hours of sleep to be the best version of myself, so I can't think of anything better than waking up after 7:00 AM.
baby and dad

What a Baby in a Brewery Has Taught Me

A funny thing happened, we kept on living life very similar to the one we had before baby. We took Fritz out to dinner dates with us, he came on trips, and he visits a brewery pretty much every weekend.