Natalie Wilson

Natalie Wilson
Natalie grew up in Rosemount, MN and moved to Rochester 6 years ago to work as a nurse. She has been married to her amazing husband, Jason, for 12 years and a mom to a vivacious, spunky and strong-willed daughter Gwen (4). Natalie is a postpartum depression survivor and a strong advocate for family mental health. Natalie currently works as a nurse in surgery at Mayo Clinic. She enjoys being a big nerd and embracing her quirky side. When she is not chasing Gwen around, beating Jason in cribbage, or belting out Disney songs, she can be found with a glorious hot cup of coffee or a glass of Salem Glen Moondance and reading a good book. She loves to hike, travel, read, be outside and dance like no one is watching. Her favorite season is fall because it is a reminder that change can be beautiful.
broken heart

Watching You Disappear Into Postpartum Depression: A Partner’s Story

In my previous post, I shared my story with postpartum depression, and now am sharing my journey from my husband Jason's perspective.
broken heart

Postpartum Depression: My Journey Back From The Brink

I kept my story to myself for a long time. I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had postpartum depression. But PPD is serious, and it was not my fault.
star wars

Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You

So began my education into all that is Star Wars, love for the characters, and why now I am showing my daughter the ways of the Force.
severe weather

Severe Weather Awareness Week

Each year the state of Minnesota collaborates with the National Weather Service to educate and give safety tips about the threat of severe weather.
girl scout cookies

What a Perfect Pair! Girl Scout Cookies and Local Brews/Wines

Girl Scout cookies and local brews and wines are a perfect pair. Here are our pairings for Girl Scout cookies with local brews and wines.
small figurine of Olaf

Into the Unknown: A Frozen 2 Movie Review

The audience is taken on a journey through the enchanted forest as Elsa, Anna, Kristof, and Olaf each learn what their destinies are.
syringes and litter in the dirt

Breaking the Cycle: My Story of Growing Up With an Addicted Parent

Here is my story of growing up with an addicted parent, and how I am choosing to break the cycle of addiction.
kids doing yoga

Namaste, Little Ones, and You Too

After a rough, rough, rough weekend of temper tantrums, crying, and exhaustion all around,  I decided to seek ways to bring my daily meditation and relaxation techniques to my child. 

Bison, Mount Rushmore, and Badlands. . . Oh, My! Road Trip Guide to the...

Where do you go when you want to get away with the family for just a few days but don't want to go too far ? For my family its the Black Hills in South Dakota.