Nicole Pierson

Nicole jumps at the chance to travel the globe but finds comfort upon returning home to the comfort and familiarity of her native Rochester. After attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities for her undergraduate degree in architecture, she skipped her graduation ceremony to marry a guy she met at a waterski show when she was 19. Nicole returned to the "U" to pursue her master's degree, and this time walked in the ceremony despite giving birth two weeks before graduation. Her baby girl is now 12 years old, with a 10 year old biological brother and 10 year old adopted brother recently home from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In what is clearly a trend to fully integrate all aspects of life, she and her husband involve their kiddos in everything from politics to rehabbing old buildings. She feels strongly that work and travel and family and marriage are best enjoyed simultaneously, and that life is all the richer that way. As a working/ volunteering/ care taking mom passionate about kids, women's health, historic preservation and the arts, Nicole sits on several committees and boards in the Rochester area and loves nothing more than providing baked goods and themed cakes for any of the aforementioned causes. Nicole thrives on copious amounts of coffee, a love/hate relationship with running, and searching real estate listings daily. Check out Nicole on Instagram for shots of her bulldog Lucy or follow her design blog at Old Spaces New Places.

5 Places to Introduce Kids to Art In Rochester MN

Gorgeous, world famous works of art are fun to have on a “bucket list,” but a closer look reveals that art abounds in our community. From world famous artists to those just starting out, Rochester MN is thick with self expression in all of its forms.
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Meet the Writer: Juanita

She, her husband of 14 years, and 3 children enjoy life on a hobby farm and outdoor activities. While not an expert farmer, nor a green thumb, she has fun involving her kids and learning new things.
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Summer Safety Means Peace of Mind

We hope these tips will keep your home safe and give you peace of mind while your family enjoys Minnesota's beautiful summer season.
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The Upside of Downsizing: Five People, One Bathroom, Six Months Later

Now, several months later, I have the clarity to reflect on downsizing. Here's my list of what's working and what needs work!
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Sometimes Solo-Life With a Part Time Partner

The hurdles to parenting sometimes solo are both emotional, as well as logistical. The irregularity can hurt the family unit without some careful planning.
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High School is For Big Kids: Being True to Yourself

My oldest child thinks she's going to high school next year. This is absurd because high school is for big kids who are practically adults.
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Where Did All The Milk Go?

It felt like overnight our grocery needs were multiplied, while growth spurts- combined with active kids- created constant need for a stop at the store.
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Well-Planned: From Pinterest to Reality!

Every house project is personal, and because of this, it should be well-planned to get you from beginning through to completion.
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Daring to Downsize

In our culture, bigger is better. Cars, yards, homes, you name it--America loves things big. But our family is daring to downsize.

When NOT to DIY!

Pinterest may give us just the inspiration we need, but there is a limit to what we should take on as a DIY project without professional help.