Parvathi Suresh

Parvathi is relatively new to Rochester, having moved here in 2016 after accepting a job as a Product Manager at Mayo Clinic. Born and raised in India, Parvathi has led a nomadic life, living in several cities/countries before finding her way to Rochester - the tenth city where she has made a home! Rochester holds a special place in her heart since it’s here that her son Narayan (age 2) was born. Parvathi has been married to her husband Shiv for 10 years, and together they are attempting to raise their son to be a truly global citizen, proud to embrace and celebrate his multicultural roots. Parvathi is also a passionate environmentalist and is constantly striving to live a life that is gentler on our beautiful planet. You can follow her eco-friendly journey on Instagram. In her spare time, she likes to cook, play board games, plan parties and trips, and compulsively read up on world affairs.
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