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wood-fired pizza

Rochester MN Guide to Area Pizza Farms

Dining outdoors is more than just eating. It's an experience! We've rounded up the Rochester MN area pizza farms for you to enjoy this summer.
eid al-adha

Tomorrow is Eid al Adha: How the #RochMN East-African Community Celebrates

Muslims explain Eid-al-Adha as their Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one. It’s the day they make sure everyone has food on their table.
Living Room Tutors

Living Room Tutors: Connecting Students to Students

This past month, I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend several group gatherings. I celebrated alongside friends at my high school graduation ceremony, embraced loved ones at parties, and rediscovered the...

Rochester MN Guide to Bakeries: Where to Get Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Pastries, Donuts and...

Here in our Guide to Bakeries, we've got all of the bakeries in the greater Rochester, MN area at your fingertips!
school supplies

Best Buys for School Supplies (Hint: Shop NOW!)

While none of us are thinking about September yet, July is actually the month to grab those school supplies deals for the whole school year!
olmsted county fair

Rochester MN Guide to the Olmsted County Fair

Your complete guide on what to do, see and eat at the Olmsted County Fair in Rochester MN!

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4th of July events

Rochester MN Guide to 4th of July

Check out all the great 4th of July events in the Rochester MN area!

Brand-New, Luxury Pop-Up Picnic in #RochMN

Picnic Mojo is the original luxury pop-up picnic in Rochester MN. They specialize in providing an elegant and cozy experience for the ultimate in outdoor dining.
July events

Rochester MN Guide to July Events

Your guide to all the family-friendly July events in Rochester MN!