Sara Rivera

Growing up in a military family, Sara spent her childhood in eight different states before marrying her college sweetheart and settling in Rochester in 2011. Before embarking on healthcare careers, she and her husband both earned degrees in music, which they now put to good use harmonizing Disney lullabies for their three girls, Isla, Lily, and Amelia. She is passionate about yoga and backyard chickens, and will drop everything for a ladies’ night. Amidst the happy chaos that comes with having three kids in four years, she can often be found babywearing the youngest with a glass of wine in one hand and an Ina Garten recipe on the stove. Read more from Sara on her blog Everyone Romaine Calm.

Please Don’t Make Me Eat Pumpkin Pie!

For 95% percent of you, this is a joyous proclamation and a wonderful end to the meal. You love pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is your thing.

What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

Dear Husband, Here's what I really want for Mother's Day: Experiences rather than things. Thanks for helping me be the best mom I can be.
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Potty Training Will Break You: Here’s How to Know If You’re Ready

When you’re ready for all your life’s prior accomplishments and successes to be diminished down to nothing. Potty training doesn’t care who you are.
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10 Ways to Get Your Family Reading

Research has shown that the best way to keep kids interested in reading is to just let them choose what they're interested in. 

If Today is Hard

So if today is hard for you: keep going. You’re doing it. You’re showing up, you’re putting in the work, you’re doing what needs to be done.

Living in Minnesota Has Made Us Weird About Apples

One bite of that perfect juicy, sweet, crunchy Minnesota-grown Honeycrisp apple snatched fresh from the tree and everything changes, my friends.
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A Bittersweet Good-Bye to Swimsuit Season

With the beginning of the new school year comes a bittersweet ending to something else: swimsuit season. Swimsuit, we barely knew you this year. 

How to Dress Like a Mom (Not a Regular Mom, a Cool Mom)

Wearing athleisure does not mean you have given up; it means you are giving yourself Options. You know who has options? A cool mom.
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Babywearing in 10 Easy Steps

Babywearing is also completely necessary if anyone is going to be fed around here. Now that doesn’t mean babywearing is all smooth sailing.
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There are definite reasons why the #thirdchild hashtag exists. Parenting the first child and third child are so very different.