Tricia Knutson

Tricia Knutson
Tricia was born and raised in Stewartville. After spending her college years, and then some, in Wisconsin, she moved back to God's country in 2011 to marry her hubby Tony and begin their family. She stays very busy with her two boys, Charlie (2013) and William (2015), and daughter, Lucy (2018). Tricia is a mom on the go. You can usually find her with a babe strapped to her back or a stroller in tow in search of the next adventure. This family of 5 enjoys exploring the amazing state parks Minnesota has to offer, especially along the Northshore. When Tricia is kid free, she enjoys crocheting, reading and perfecting her bread baking. After 5 wonderful years in the classroom, Tricia took her teaching hat off to stay at home with her kiddos and run an in-home daycare. Even though Tricia keeps her family hopping, she makes sure they take the time to thank God for their blessings every day.

Modern Homesteading: How to Make Sourdough Bread

Before I began my sourdough journey, I thought it was a crazy complex way to make bread. However, in all reality, it is the absolute simplest concept ever.
halloween books and pumpkins

Trick or Treat and READ- Halloween Books Tradition

On October 1, the kids came downstairs to find our table FULL of Halloween books! Our mantle had pumpkins and a spooky banner hung!
kneading dough

Slowing Down: Growing and Learning at Home

Slowing down really forced me to look within more than usual. Through this process, there are several things I've learned about myself

Best Games for Kids 5 and Under!

Here are my favorite games for kids 5 and under. While kids older than 5 can enjoy these games, they really speak to pre-primary school skills!

Keeping Mama Sane-Indoor Play Ideas for Cold MN Days!

As the weather turns colder, this mama of 3 has to get creative to keep those little ones busy without overusing screen time.
holiday table setting

Home for The Holidays

The first year he worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was our son Charlie's first Christmas. He missed egg bake that year. He didn't help me unwrap the INSANE amount of gifts my aunts, uncles and cousins threw at Charlie.

The Journey Worth Taking

I used to feel distracted and rushed to find the "destination" on our adventures, but over the years, I've really learned to enjoy the actual journey, not just the destination.
Rochester skyline

Daydreaming: My Perfect Day!

On my perfect day, I would wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a long hot shower with PLENTY of time to get myself ready.

My Dad, My Best Friend

Every major decision has been done after talking with my dad. I value his opinion so highly. Why? Because he always has my best interest at heart.

My Mom-Caregiver Extraordinaire!

My mom is not just MY caregiver, she is EVERYONE'S caregiver. She serves people with her whole heart, and she does it joyfully.