Southeastern Minnesota is FULL of beautiful state parks and hiking trails. When my family wants to hit a local state park, we love taking a trip to Carley State Park near Plainview, MN.
The striking landscape of geological formations, and the incredible colors that changed depending on the time of day were simply amazing. Pictures do not do it justice.
The National Eagle Center is definitely worth a trip- at least once. The Eagles are mesmerizing and their passion is contagious.
I talk to my plants. I actually do. When I plant them, I welcome them to the garden, and say things like "I hope you'll be very happy here!"
SeaQuest is a highly interactive experience full of opportunities to get up close with some fun animals. Touching and learning is encouraged!
What better place to recharge his batteries than at the Zoo, looking at and learning about animals all day?
Besides the prehistoric animal exhibit, which highlights animals that roamed our state, there are multiple artistic and beautiful dioramas where you can explore Minnesota's diverse landscapes.
None of the escapes ever feel right, except one: nature. Nature is literally the only thing that has consistently felt right this year.
Each year, we camp Whitewater State Park, which is about a 45 minute drive from Rochester. It has nice hiking trails, a bird sanctuary, and good fishing.
Our idea for a mini Thru-Hike on the Douglas Trail from Pine Island to Rochester was born. Nature is my go-to for helping them experience life.

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