I managed to breastfeed both of my first two boys until they were 12 months old or until they started biting me - whichever came first.
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Bloom Babies!

We're pleased to introduce you to a few Bloom Babies and allow you to read what their moms had to say about their Bloom experiences!
I love cloth diapers! Besides being eco-friendly and super adorable, they are actually way simpler to use than you might think.
However, my coworkers were very unsupportive. They would call/text/rattle the door handle every time I would pump, thinking they were being funny.
At Olmsted Medical Center, your visits with the CNM are unique and hands-on from the start of your pregnancy through birth. Midwives are experts in knowing the difference between normal changes that occur during pregnancy and symptoms that need extra attention.
About two minutes after she was born the police officer arrived. The first thing he said to the 911 operator was, "You have to walk me through this, I have never done this before."
OMC knows your birth experience is one of the most important events in your life. Most likely, you are experiencing strong emotions, dreams, and uncertainty in anticipation of your child’s birth. Their staff will walk with you on your journey, providing exceptional medical care, support, and understanding.
Your breasts will leak...a lot. Breastfeeding can be a challenging, unique, beautiful, confusing and rewarding time in a woman's life. Read on for tips and tricks from certified lactation consults to learn about the first weeks and leaks!
I do miss him, I miss staring into his face for hours on end - literally, HOURS. Because, he's a baby. And I brought him here, and that's really cool.

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