While I was a clueless first-time potty trainer (and had some anxiety over that), my son was telling me that he’s capable of listening to his body. 
Before my son, I spent over eight years as a full-time nanny and two years as a behavioral therapist. I have always loved research and gathering information, and I think that quest for knowledge has naturally made its way into my parenting style.
My busy working mother cooked and prepared most meals from scratch, but when she needed to feed us in a pinch it often consisted of opening some cans or putting together a ready meal.
To my husband, thank you for cleaning up the cat puke for the millionth time because its gross and I really hate doing it. To the barista, thank you so much for this coffee that will keep me alive and awake today! 
For ideas beyond this short list of my students' favorites, be sure to check in with your child's own school library teacher, or any of the youth librarians at your local public library.
Remember to involve children in the recording of their own memories. My kids love reminiscing over our summer flipping through each memory book! 
My wish to visit and enjoy art and our desire to be outside got my creative juices flowing. I decided to take the kids on a mural treasure hunt.
I think allowing them to be home alone for periods of time is beneficial. They need to be challenged and have responsibility.
Curious to know how to support a child who is passionate and driven?  Is your child someone who loves a sport, the stage, an instrument, or is just a plain old goal-getter?
Parents, you are the single-most important factor in children’s dental health. You provide and encourage them to choose healthy snacks. You make sure they see a dentist. You’re there day-in and day-out doing the hard work.

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