I’ve been working hard to take care of myself in this way. I’ve made some big lifestyle changes and found some new self-care practices that work for me.
Here’s a list of movies that your kids may have never seen before...they’re old, but they’re good!  
Routine and activity charts have been helpful to us as we transition from school-year rhythms, to summer routines, extended break rhythms and more.
Taking your inches isn't limited to such an extreme application. Rather, it is a good reminder to use whatever you have available at any particular moment to the best of your ability. It is giving yourself permission to stretch just a little further to not just maintain, but build.
Looking for businesses and resources to make your next birthday celebration special?  Look no further than our Rochester MN Guide to Birthday Parties & Celebrations!
My brother and his wife love my children with their hearts and souls, and it shows through how they live.  I’m grateful and do not take them for granted.
Moms are notorious for being selfless when it comes to meeting the needs of their families. So when mom gets sick, the internal struggle is real.
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Valentine's Day is one of those holidays you either love or hate. Here are some fun, simple ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with the entire family.
While there are several places that come to mind for a great date night, where are your go-to dining options for a night out with the whole family? Did you know that there are many options where kids eat free in Rochester MN? Read on for all the great details!

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Rochester MN Guide to Patios and Outdoor Dining

We're looking forward to long evenings sitting, sipping and sampling all that Rochester's outdoor dining patios have to offer!