Minnesota never disappoints during the fall.  And no proper fall is complete without a trip to one of the apple orchards or pumpkin patches in the Rochester, MN area!

Story-Time Round-Up

  **Post updated August 10th, 2021 Due to Covid-19, many story times have been temporarily closed. This post will be updated as more story times resume.  It's raining. The kids are going stir-crazy. You're bored of all the books in your home. Someone else...
woman traveling

Seeking Discomfort

His goal, following the inspirational lead of The Yes Theory, was to have me seek discomfort by traveling short notice and alone to see my friend.
Looking for new ways to get out on the water? We have you covered! These activities are for the whole family, and would also make a lovely date night.
My child asked me about refugees. I looked to the library for help sharing with her what it means to be a refugee, and here are the best resources I found.
I hope you find some comfort in the fact that, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in, there are millions of other moms out there in that same stage right along with you.
But she had been a woman all along. I just didn’t realize it. She was still living as “he.” The human I married, I learned after five and a half years of marriage, is transgender (male to female). 
For my Year of Health, I am looking at a myriad of things that contribute to my overall health: spiritual, financial, mental, and my relationship with my husband (aka SEX).
The Historic Elba Fire Tower is your ticket to touching the clouds. This is the only fire tower available to climb in Southern Minnesota. 
Here are over 20 area parades to choose from this summer in and around Rochester, MN.  Endless candy for everyone!

Around #RochMN

Indoor Swimming Options in #RochMN

Rochester Mom gets asked often about places to swim indoors, so we’ve put together a list of the options for you!