My husband and I don't go on many dates. However, when we do, we try to find unique activities that aren't the typical "dinner and a movie".

My Mother’s Socks

Sometimes I forget you are no longer here with me, with us. Sometimes I start to forget what you smelled like or what lip color you had on the last time I saw you.
  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list of activities to make your snow day into the best day! Fore even MORE ideas,...
I have learned to appreciate the age gap between my children and bask in each concurrent milestone they may be going through.
mom and son

It Really Did Go By Too Fast

It did go by too quickly. There are some seasons that I am glad went quickly - but I'd do it all over again if I had the chance.
I love movie nights! It has been a tradition in our household to do Saturday night movies for a long time (except on those rare date nights, which let’s be honest, are non-existent. Thanks, COVID!). How can you have the best family movie night ever? Bring the theater to your home!
Here, in no particular order, are 10 lessons my daughter has taught me during the pandemic that help me be better, live better, and leave those invitations to Grumpy Town behind.
I, like the majority of Moms have received tons of advice, both solicited and unsolicited. I once had a complete stranger at Target give me advice for 15 minutes straight! It actually turned out to be quite hilarious; giving...
tamales wrapped in banana leaves

Tamales at Christmastime

Around Christmastime, Sandra would start to gather supplies to make traditional Guatemalan tamales. When Sandra made tamales, it wasn’t just one afternoon of cooking and then enjoying a lovely dinner. No, this was a production!
Rochester MN has great displays of holiday lights and Christmas lights all over town! Use our guide to plan a special trip to look at these twinkly lights!

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Parenting Support Groups

updated April 2021 Parenting is tough work!  Sometimes you just want to hear that toddler tantrums happen in more than just your home, "threenager" is...