Has it always gone perfectly? Absolutely not. Has it gone well enough that we keep at it? Absolutely. Here are two sets of tips, first from myself and then my husband, that we hope will help you and your DIY partner!
You’ve probably never heard of “Loving Day,” but I’m sure you know of someone in your life whom it aims to celebrate.
What is the purpose of your time away? To reconnect, to relax, to read, enjoy extra romance, do something fun and different, escape the cold?
Dear Husband, Here's what I really want for Mother's Day: Experiences rather than things. Thanks for helping me be the best mom I can be.
We are not experts, but we've learned a lot over the past several years and have stepped into a gracious place of peace with our finances.  
Being married for over 12 years now, I have learned a few things that work for my marriage. Here are some "daily clean up" tactics that work for us.
While the geeks may get passed over in high school, I think that really the brains and heart behind those dorky glasses is really something special. 
I was crushed. My entire body was numb. She got up and left the room, and there I sat, all alone in my paper gown on the cold examination table.
The hurdles to parenting sometimes solo are both emotional, as well as logistical. The irregularity can hurt the family unit without some careful planning.
  During summer vacation, we, like many families, will have more time to spend together. And let’s be realistic: this also means that our children’s ears are around to hear more of our conversations.  We love our kiddos, but there...

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2021 Guide to Summer Camps in SE Minnesota

We are so pleased to bring you the 2020 Guide to Summer Camps in SE Minnesota: a complete guide to all the camps in the Rochester MN area!