Here, we are introducing some podcasts, many of them hosted by people of color, and highlighting some specific episodes that focus on anti-racism.
We've broken down some of the more common terms and phrases, and included links and resources to help diversify your vocabulary.
One suggestion for parents in reading these amazing books to young children, is to read the Author’s Notes before launching into the book with your child. They are chock full of context and perspective that will help you in explaining things to your child as the stories unfold.
As the only hotel in Southeastern Minnesota to welcome Black people, it accommodated Black celebrity travelers as well. Duke Ellington and Henry Armstrong are just two of the celebrities who stayed at the Avalon.
Embrace the lives, minds, and journeys created by some pretty amazing Black women in honor of both I Love to Read Month and Black History Month.
Diversify your social media feed by including those deidcated to diversity, activism, racial justice, and anti-racism in our country and local community.
While we teach our kids to get along with others and be inclusive of those that are different from them, it's important to make sure the content our kids view on television is held to this standard too.

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