Let’s be honest, wearing a mask is no fun. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and some of us are experiencing “maskne” (mask-acne).
The news is depressing. Social media is a dumpster fire. We *have* to take in good things, too. Good things are out there.
Whether you're in need of an eye exam, new glasses, contacts, or have an eye health concern, there's a fresh option in Rochester for all your optical needs: Total Vision Eyecare.
A little while ago, my family and I were placed on a mandated COVID 14-day quarantine. One of us was exposed to the virus and the county gave us the notification that we were not to leave our house, except to seek medical care, for 14 days.
Some have told me and others like me who are immune-compromised or high-risk to stay home, so they don't have to wear a mask and be uncomfortable.
As a registered dietitian, I decided to investigate the question: Are non-dairy 'milks' nutritionally adequate substitutes for children?
Looking for new ways to get out on the water? We have you covered! These activities are for the whole family, and would also make a lovely date night.
I could tell I was panicking. I wasn’t scared of catching the virus, but I was scared of wearing that mask every time I needed to go into public.
I do still worry about melanoma, but know that by getting regular check-ups I am doing everything I can to catch anything as early as possible. Catching it early saved my life, and can save yours.
Are you confident in your ability to identify which plants are poisonous plants? Keep your kids safe by learning these four plants.

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