Sometimes the truth is tough. The beast (my anxiety) has been there most of my life. Now I am aware of my triggers or when I am having an off day.
In my previous post, I shared my story with postpartum depression, and now am sharing my journey from my husband Jason's perspective.
I kept my story to myself for a long time. I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had postpartum depression. But PPD is serious, and it was not my fault.
Lyme Disease often takes time to diagnose, and even longer to recover from. It's okay to get a second opinion, and to advocate for yourself and your child.
Slowing down really forced me to look within more than usual. Through this process, there are several things I've learned about myself
My interactions throughout the day often leave me feeling misunderstood, misinterpreted, or even ignored. Unseen. Invisible. 
We talked with the psychiatrist and developed a treatment and therapy plan. As we talked, I began to feel a weight lift off my shoulders.
My advice is, if you are vomiting and have not kept anything down for 24 hours GO IN. It's not a time to try and avoid the ER or clinic.
I did everything that was expected of me (or what I thought was expected of me) with mini anxiety-attacks smothering me along the way. 
Depression on a normal pre-COVID day was awful, but now the social supports, structure outside of the home, my professional work, and short breaks from my kids isn't possible.

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