It's nice to have a few quick go-to hairstyles in my arsenal when the need arises, so I'll share them with you in case you find yourself in the same boat.

Why I Run

I run to remind myself that I can do hard things.  I can work toward and accomplish goals that I make for myself.  I can push myself, and push past the wall.
There are two major factors that have contributed to my success: surrounding myself with other runners, and setting goals for my running.
I learned that this ridge was an indicator of diastasis recti, or abdominal separation, that occurred during my pregnancy and had never fully closed.
I’ve been running for forty years, but it was the folks at TerraLoco who pointed out that I was wearing the wrong size running shoe.
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Strengthen Your Core, Mama!

New moms will benefit from the CoreMama class at Olmsted Medical Center. This class helps to strengthen your core after your baby is born.
125 Live is a Rochester gem, certainly for those 50+, but also for families. Their center is open to all ages and provides so many resources.
Prenatal Yoga at Olmsted Medical Center gives you a recurring, scheduled opportunity to focus solely on you and your growing baby.
No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our Rochester MN Guide to Fitness, Health & Wellness will assist you in making health related decisions in 2018!
Perhaps it's too harsh to say yoga ruined my life, but it has given me chronic pain and joint issues that forced me to completely change my daily routine.

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